Sunday, September 19, 2010


The weekend's not over yet so don't count me out on getting those Spring bulbs purchased, I just wouldn't put down a large bet on it happening.
Anyway, this is what I have been up to since we lasted visited.....the teddy bear/bunny suit is still on the needles, in the beginning I had thoughts of grandeur of making additional outfits for Mr. Teddy, I can tell you now, that won't be happening. I'm a knitter, this toy construction in my mind falls into the catagory of seamstress, which I definitely am not. It's turning out cute and I'll keep it on a shelf for a special day when it will be played with (by someone younger than myself) but it's time to move on to another project, one with fewer tiny pieces that don't need to be sewn together. Here's a peek just to keep your interest (if you are at all even somewhat interested in a bear wearing a bunny suit

I've shopped for the ingredients for a delicious looking meal for later in the week from the Italian magazine I posted earlier, I'll let you know if it falls into the "do over" possibilities for a repeat meal later down the road when I'm in need of something to fix for dinner.

Time out for some much needed excerise by all the hounds early Sunday.....they loved it. We have a very pleasant dog park provided by our City that is close to home so we took full advantage of it this morning (the third fenced area is for "unfriendly pooches that may not play well with others). Klaus and Margo (Margo being the most) are socialable dogs but due to the reputation of Pit Bulls and knowing that other dog owners may feel uncomfortable with their beloved dogs loose with ours we opted for the third area and had it to ourselves. They did go to the fences and were nose to nose with all the others enjoying the "we are happy & play well with others area" with no problems at all, just lots of wagging tails. Such fun to watch them enjoying themselves.

See that painted rat pulling a wedge of cheese from the cabinet on the edge of the baseboard??? Husband has painted a couple of vermin just for fun around our home, I still need to properly fill in the paint around it since we last painted our kitchen, but as you know I need a new counter top so why rush into that trim painting? That's all for another day - I'm thinking Spring - same time those bulbs will be popping up in my yard.

My idea of a perfect Sunday morning......this was the result of the excerise at the dog park, I had peace and quiet, I never waste that opportunity so on went the apron and out came a batch of Baby Ruth Candy Bar cookies!!!

Have yourself a great Sunday, it's a dog's life over here for a bit longer....four hours later and they're still sleeping and relaxed on the floor - oh how I love that dog park!!!!


a view from a brown dog said...

Oh my gosh, baby ruth bars! Now that sounds like a treat. How great is it that you have a dog park close to you. Looks like everyone had fun, do you think they will be staying with you for a while? The bunny outfit is adorable!

Prairie Rose said...

Mmmm,Babe Ruth Cookies,YUMMY!
What a sinful treat!
We dont have Dog Parks in this area,they look like fun places for puppy dogs,I just take my "kids" out to one of the open fields and let them chase birds:)
The bunny outfit is so cute!!

wagwinggarden said...

baby ruth cookies? think they could become three musketeer cookies? the bunny suit is the cutest thing I have seen...the dogs are adorable...they grew up so cute...I wish mine would sleep 4 hours.

Robin said...

Sounds like a great Sunday! Thanks for stopping by my blog today to comment on Miss Gwyneth. What a handful and barely 3 pounds! :o) Your pooches are darling, and how great that they are rescues. Kate, as you probably read, is a rescue. Got her at an antique barn sale - she was hanging in a bird cage out front as you walked in. Love finding new, cool blogs! I'll be back :o) --Robin