Monday, September 27, 2010

Give Us A Break

Ok, I know the calendar says it's Fall, but if you've been outside today in my neighborhood you'd know that Southern California has just experienced the hottest day on record - EVER!!! So what did I do, I knit on my lunch hour, washable wool, inside my car, a beanie.....I opened the car door, the sweat trickled down to my bent elbow, that's when I said "that's it!!!" Even a die hard knitter such as myself has a breaking point - I've discovered mine is at 111 degrees in a parking lot in the shade.

Sorry, I've haven't completed the rabbit in a bunny suit yet as promised.....everything but attaching the head and finishing the face. I just can't knit anything other than cotton when it's scorching, I made a quick Christmas dish cloth (nothing exciting about that) so since I do truely appreciate you taking time out of your day to stop and visit my blog I want to share some past projects.This was a very early project...looking back now I can see just how early in my knitting (I did a poor job on those rose buds, I know I'm not a seamstress so I should stay away from hand finishing, I'm not very good or interested and it shows)
This is a jitterbug yarn knit by a close friend who is making a table runner - I thought the colors are stunning.

Hope you like what you see.....I sure hope the weather folks get it correct this week, cooler temps on the way by the end of the week...good thing, I think my plastic pumpkins on the porch have melted onto the flagstone and that Indian corn may start popping if it's a cooker again tomorrow.

Enjoy your day, REALLY enjoy if you're one of the lucky ones who is experiencing a true "Fall" day.....I have to stand in front of the open refrigerator door for a feeling of "crisp cool air"....

Ok, now I've just discovered I can't get the pictures I want to share with you off my phone are some others...I'll be back tomorrow when the weather is cooler and I've figured out what I'm trying to do....oh ya, and the knitting I did on my lunch hour, I have to rip out - I goofed too many rows back to fix a twisted stitch,...have a great cool day.


Prairie Rose said...

We are having record highs for here as well.(for this time of year)
Which is weird because ever year since I have lived here on or around Oct. 10th we have a freak snow storm that will give us anywhere from 4-12 inchs of snow.
So,as our temps reach 95 degrees today,I will be wondering if less then 2 weeks from now,I will be wearing my parka.
Maybe I should knit faster on that scarf I am making.....

a view from a brown dog said...

jeez it is so crazy HOT we hit 113 yesterday! I cannot believe you sat in your car and tried to knit! Tell Jean hi the Jitterbug is just beautiful! I know good guess... who else loves the jitterbug? must be Jean am I right? Stay cool my friend and havea great day!