Thursday, September 30, 2010

Oh Happy October!!!

The weather is cooler....It's a new month....I have new projects on the needles....My Fall decorations are out.....I have a new hair cut....the reasons for happiness are endless...(it takes very little to make me happy)'

Here is something silly that I've wanted to do for a very long time - I think maybe from an old Seinfeld episode I once watched, I have wanted to eat chinese food out of a cardboard box using only chopsticks. It's so long overdue that I eat with chopsticks, I've thought about doing this for quite awhile. A movie (Leap Year), my favorite pajamas, pillow on the sofa, and a cardboard box filled with delicious chinese food eaten only using chopsticks, they make the chopsticks stick together when you open the package??? Is that to make it easier or am I supposed to break them apart???? I'm not shy about asking that question - I learned a long time ago....ask away because there are most certainly other people out there wondering the same thing and afraid to ask themselves.

The superwash wool beanie is back in progress after being ripped out during the record breaking heat wave earlier in the week; remember my lunch hour in the car knitting project?....more like a sweat session in the front seat with the windows down and the doors open.

Son's dogs have moved on to the next residence until shipping to Sicily (I miss them, fur covered heartbeats who want to give you unconditional love) is there anything else in life that gives so freely, so forgiving, eager to spend every moment with you? Here's a picture of Margo enduring the recent heat way.

Our weekend will be spent somewhere else, where??? We're still contemplating the location. The past several weekends have been house bound with hounds so we're feeling the call of the road. Husband drives, fine by me,,,,,,= knitting time.

Have a great Friday evening....I'll post our travels tomorrow, I'm thinking of driving south, Ocean views, Lemon Drop Martini or a Margarita??, Mexican food, trolley car rides? Maybe toward L.A.??? Walk the boardwalk along Venice???
I guess we'll all know at the end of the day tomorrow.

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opportunityknits said...

Yup, the chopsticks are supposed to be broken apart :)
Have a good weekend trip!