Monday, September 6, 2010

Little Laboring - Big Results

It was productive enough - I had to leave something to do next weekend....
Have a great week - I'm SO happy this will be a short week since today is a holiday, cooler weather is forecast so that will help spur on the Christmas project knitting.

Hi From Lap Dog

A local restaurant serves this as an appetizer, I whipped up my version and it's every bit as good, cucumbers and slaw with a peanut vinegarette dressing

I was so pleased with the amount of projects completed this weekend I decided to cast on a new project - this is from the newest copy of Interweave Knit and calls for one skein of Malabrigo - went to the stash and pulled out a skein I purchased on my last trip to Sacramento, we'll be going again during the cold weather season so I'll be sporting my new "Capital Cap".

These were originally planned to be given way back in June but activities prevented the time to complete them, I love Malabrigo, great yardage, reasonable price, a real value as I've yet to find any wool softer with the wide variety of colors....hope they will be worn and enjoyed,

This is a Readers Wrap for my MIL....she's not using her lap top so I feel fairly safe in showing this picture.....I used a Rowan yarn, spared no expense on this gift and it's beautiful wool. I will attach my label and washing instruction - acrylic may have been gladly received but as the knitter I am extremely snobbish as to what fibers I use. These are the minutes and hours of my life spent making this items, why would I ever WASTE TIME on a manmade product when nature gives us the most beautiful fibers imaginable.
Piping hot right out of the oven, see the melted wax paper marks from where I scooted the cookies over for the next pan coming out of the oven?????

There's more to share but I'll post all the completed hats (yes I even knit a couple more hats this weekend, I'm telling you, I'm on fire) for the baby shower tomorrow or Tuesday - now I need to wrap the box for mailing in the morning,
Have a great week, notice no photo of bulbs???? That's right, I had to leave something for next weekend, but the cars are cleaned, sheets washed, marketing done, the dogs all enjoyed doggy ice creams and Husband is working on barbequed short ribs, okay, so maybe I can hang with those other bloggers???


a view from a brown dog said...

Wow you have been so busy!!!! I super duper LOVE the readers shawl for your MIL beautiful, she will love it. Okay after seeing all your beautiful work I am inspired to finish up one of the baby cardis... I know to much work not enough knitting time (i worked all weekend and today too). At least I can enjoy your work ((hugs)) coming your way, you have been on my mind and I hope you are hanging in.

Prairie Rose said...

ohhhh,your salad looks and sounds So yummy!!
Your projects are beautiful!!!
I cant wait to see the completed hat,the yarn looks so soft and cozy!
I have been feeling the urge to knit(it has been getting down below freezing at night here and feeling very much like sutumn!)
However,still been to busy to sit down for then a few minutes at a time:(