Friday, September 3, 2010

No Laboring This Weekend!!!!

Happy Labor Day Weekend To Everyone, I plan to spend the next three days doing whatever strikes my fancy. A little cooking, mailing off a few knitted gifts for an up coming baby shower, knitting, watching movies, just sitting and enjoying looking at my yard!!!! Husband keeps such a nice yard for us to enjoy and I spend no time whatsoever out there. I plan to eat, watch the dogs and birds, knit, listen to music all this weekend in my yard.

Hope you have a good weekend planned for yourself too. A bike ride has been discussed too if we get an early start, warm temps expected again through the weekend. I am finishing up projects that stopped at 90% complete - this is the weekend to get those completed and off the "to do list". I'm thinking a lot about food recipes lately, so many things to cook and so little time, much like knitting.

Let me ask you this, do you get totally depressed reading other people's blogs and seeing all the wonderful talented completed projects they make????? What's up with that? Really, do they have perfectly clean houses filled with flowers vases, neatly stacked fabrics, cookies baked that look like a pastry chef just pulled them out of the oven? Sometimes I just have to get up and walk away from the computer... -

See Klaus in the background by the chair???? He's my new shadow, I looked over my shoulder just now and he's sitting next to the sofa and wags his tail at me, such a sweetheart.

Here's a picture of my "to be completed" projects - come back Sunday night to see the end results...I can tell you now the little baby boy pants will only fit this kid if his parents are 7'5" (I know they're not) oh well, the Mom can roll them half way up his legs, that'll look good. I could rip them completely apart and start over but I just don't have that much interest. My mind has long since moved on to other yet to be knitted projects. September.....I'm thinking I need to get those bulbs in the ground this weekend, first I need to go buy the bulbs.... no doubt the other bloggers have theirs planted and the Fall decorations displayed....oh the pressure!! Have a great weekend everybody.

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