Friday, October 15, 2010

Here Today - Ripped By Tomorrow

First, before I go any further, I want to say thank you to everyone who takes time out of their day to visit my blog. I appreciate it and am grateful for your time visiting with me! So, what's the latest on the knitting front?

This will be ripped apart by evening, I'll show you the next attempt, this is just way too boring to wear.

The baby boy denim pants - still incomplete, I can't remember where I put the pattern, I wish I could say this has never happened before....I know I put it somewhere for safe keeping. Apparently, I have something in common with squirrels, with the exception those furry little guys remember EXACTLY their hiding places.

This is something that I began a few months back, I do need to do some ripping back as I discovered an error in the pattern (I figured out the pattern was wrong, later checked online and discovered I was right - I see that as progress in my knitting ability!!!:) The yarns 100% alpaca (I didn't do a gauge, I know, the knitting police a.k.a. my Wednesday knit group will have something to say about that) but I figure I have a 50% chance that this will fit. Thinking about it now - I don't have enough lifetime span left to NOT be making gauges, there are far too many projects on my list to complete and no time for "do overs".

This is my future blanket!!!!! How many times have I sat on the floor and played with different combinations of how this may all come together? That's my PROBLEM...
I don't know what to do with it. I have several skeins of Noro, but the other colors are thinner alpaca and I know the thickness will be different, I could have two strands at a time. Do I make rows of stripes? Do I knit blocks? The yarns are so pretty and soft and I have this feeling if I don't do this properly I've wasted the yarn to it's fullest possibilities.
I hate that feeling - it's yarn for Pete's sake, will the sheep and their farmer come knocking on my door and say "we've heard your blanket was inproperly knit to the fullest potential of such fine fiber and now you're on notice". Why do I do this to myself? It's not destined for the County Fair....just the couch.

My Jeep Hat: Do I own a Jeep? No. Am I shopping for a Jeep? No.
Ever since seeing Linda Hamilton in the scene from The Terminator I have planned on one day owning a Jeep, driving with the top off and bouncing along an open road. This will happen and I'm thinking 2015 as the year we buy another toy - that shows you my confidence in the current economy, anyway, a Jeep is in my future.

So, awhile back while visiting Chicago I bought this yarn, came home and whipped up this hat (as you can see I need to rip back the excess on the top or make a fold over - haven't decided yet) and designated it The Jeep Hat as I will be wearing this while cruising down the road. I modeled it for Husband (Man In Black) and his only comment was "not while I'm in the car with you". Really, if you were driving down the road and saw this on a drivers head wouldn't you look and ask "what is that person wearing?". How fun and silly and that's what I think driving open topped cars should be. I would love to see all Jeep owners wearing outrageous hats....Jen, get your needles out and don't disappoint me Girlfriend!

Have a great Saturday - I've got quite a long list of "to do's" this weekend, LYS to visit, cooking, complete knit projects and I just got a surprise!!!! It's raining outside, if I had that Jeep today I'd be on the road with my hat on.


Prairie Rose said...

I LOVE your Jeep Hat!
And I know exactly which hat you are talking about from Terminator.
I also love what your hubby said about the hat,what a crack up:)
Cant wait to see the afgan!
I am currently intriged by knitted block afgans, something about it being half quilt and half afgan seems so cozy, but whichever way you choose I know it will be lovely!
Have a great weekend!

a view from a brown dog said...

Well hello friend look at you! I love your jeep hat and you can come ride with me anytime! I actually like the excess in the back so I hope you don't rip to much of it out. I can totally hear your hubby saying that right now. You both are so super funny! I'm with you its raining today hip hip hooray and I heard it is going to be cool and drizzly all week? Yes this is one of our rare occasions so I will be sporting a different scarf everyday this week.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

I just have to go on record and say I'm a big fan of the JeepHat. And I happen to know a Jeep it will look really good riding around in!! Very nice!!!