Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall?? Not Quite

"It doesn't look like we're going to be included on this trip so we might as well get comfortable."

See that sock next to the dog bed? Every night Gina comes into my room and takes my sock to bed with her, how sweet is that???? She has exciting adventures in her sleep that results in a tired day for us, so, every night she comes for a sock to take with her to bed.

A visit to the Long Beach Veteran's Swap Meet over the weekend resulted in a surprise, a "first" really. I left empty handed.....by choice. In past shopping trips I have always brought home something, this weekend, I was content to leave with my cash and head home for a bowl of chicken tortilla soup. I didn't see anything I couldn't live without and my new intention is that when a new purchase comes into the house - three things have to leave. I've had people come into my home and say "it's like a store", I think it's time to start scaling back and I'm perfectly fine with that, less to dust.

While shopping I saw this Million Dollar Smile???
I think I saw this guy on another blog recently? Sorry for the blur....I'm really hoping someone will get word to Santa that I'm wishing for a new camera....

This is my Architecture scarf from the Knit Cafe book written by Suzan Mischer. Unfortunately, I only wore it during the car ride to Long Beach, when I opened the car door it was clear I was not going to be able to pull off wearing a wool scarf while the couple in the parking place next to us stepped out wearing shorts. It was overcast but the temps were just too warm to even pretend it was cool and Fall like outside.

We did enjoy rain today and hopefully it will continue tomorrow, I'm knitting as quickly as my fingers will go to complete a Through the Loop Scarf, I'll share it in a day or two along with the one knitted item I would grab in the event of a natural disaster. I know that sounds odd but I was thinking about my yarns and projects and what I've made and thought if I had only a couple of seconds, what would I take? The answer came very quickly and I'll share with you at the end of the week which item it is. What would you take given the time? Something knit? Something quilted? A favorite guitar?

Wishing you a great day - I'm off to complete something new, something fun, something I can wear no matter what the temperature is outside!


Prairie Rose said...

Aw,What Sweet Little Darlings your doggies are!
Love the scarf!
I have been on a scarf making binge lately.
I too will have to share them on my blog.
That book looks very interesting.
Not sure what I project or handmade Item I would grab....If I had had hubby and "kids" I think my next item would be wedding photos (cant replace them!) but I think I would probably be trying to grab all my yarn!!:)

a view from a brown dog said...

The puppies look so cute, give them both some love from me. Okay so your Architecture scarf is my FAVORITE of all your scrafs. The colors, texture and of course the yarn. Perfect. Funny to see your book out I just orderd yarn as once I finish the Shalom I am starting the slouchy cardi from the book. As far a what I would grab hmm, not sure, maybe yarn and needles as perhaps knitting something might take my mind off of why I had to leave so fast?