Sunday, October 31, 2010

Shopping Downtown Disney

From the window of Downtown Disney our Halloween wish for you -

Prince Charming found his Cinderella....

And they lived happily ever after. 

We caught the tail end of a wedding being held at the Disneyland's Garden Downtown Area, what little girl hasn't dreamt of being carried away in a magical horse drawn carriage with the man of her dreams?

I have always thought that it would be fun to "Take A Tourist".....literally. As in, take someone, or a few, who are visiting Southern California from somewhere out of state or country and take them around for a day. Sight seeing around Orange County and the beach and local eateries. Although, after seeing how wired the kids were at sunset and still running in circles I think I'd be looking for some older mellower tourists. I've had my fill of sugar charged Mickey Mouse youngsters and any activity I'd come up with would pale in comparsion to a day spent with Jack Sparrow or riding in a spinning tea cup.

Lap Dog was on her way to a Halloween party so I caught her just in time to snap a photo of her in costume, a little grey squirrel. She was off to meet a new friend who has just been rescued from a local shelter, not sure what costume "friend" maybe wearing? If a picture is available I'll post tomorrow. Yes, Lap Dog is forced to wear sweaters, coats, lifejackets, costumes, but I honestly think she likes all the attention and petting that comes along with it.

I have to go do "Trick or Treat" candy handout - have a great and safe evening and I hope your little goblins have more treats than any tricks today.

"I'll tolerate anything for my family"

Now that's a happy employee!!
See you tomorrow!!!


wagwinggarden said...

you should have entered Annie in the oc register costume contest...a WINNER for sure!!!

Anonymous said...
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