Thursday, October 28, 2010

No Trick Here - Just All Treat!!!

October Flavor of the Month
Caramel Chocolate Malt - milk chocolate malt ice cream with caramel ribbon & chocolate chips...

It looked like such chocolately goodness and I was ready to dive right in and enjoy I almost forgot to take the picture first!!! A quick dash out to the car for the camera, a toast with hands a quick picture snapped, and consumption of the frozen concoction began. We won't wait so long to sample the November Flavor of the Month, Thanksgiving will be celebrated on the 25th and eating an entire turkey dinner with all the trimmings in the same week as Flavor of the Month? I'm fairly certain my matabolism would just shut down completely as payment for being so overly indulgent.

The Garter Loop Scarf - it's all the rage, everyone that sees it is interested in either knitting one for themselves or for those "non knitters" hoping that Lap Dog will crank one out for their holiday surprise. The real surprise will be if I get even half of the knitting completed before December and off the gift giving list.

I'm on the hunt for new shoes, boots to be exact. Also, rain's looking promising that this will be a good year in Southern California for rain - how do I know this? Because we've had drizzles during the past two weeks in the month of October and with all my meterologist experience - (absolutely zero) I have based  this drizzle as an indicator of what's to come - not scientific but certainly hopeful.

Have a good day - I'll be back tomorrow with some new knitted items.................... AND.....insert a drum roll here......
Lap Dog (a.k.a. Annie) will be modeling her Treat or Treat Halloween costume. Thanks for stopping by, talk with everyone soon.....Have a wonderful day!!!!  


Prairie Rose said...

Thats sounds like a really YUMMY flavor!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

All I can say is "MMMMMmmmmmmmm"