Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ten Things....Maybe Eleven, Let's Make It Twelve

I thought is was time I share a bit of myself with you, after all, who is this person who says she lives near "the happiest place on Earth"?

1. I write with my left hand - that's all I do with my left hand, everything else is right handed: scissors, bowling, golf (not that I'm a golfer), throw a baseball, not good with a baseball either.

2. My greatest fear of a way to die is by shark attack, Great White or Bull Shark.
You won't find me in salt water, I watched the movie "Jaws" in 1975, it's had a lasting effect.

3. I like being short, 5'3".

4. I comb my hair each morning after showering, that's it, I don't bother to look in a mirror again until the following morning to take the next shower, whatever I look like during the day - well, that's for the world to see, it looks presentable when I walk out the bathroom door in the morning and that's good enough for me to go through the day.

5. Along that same line - I don't care for mirrors in my house, I did put one in the guestroom, I figured someone else may want to take a gander at themselves while visiting our home.

6. I've never had a traffic ticket (I feel a bit uneasy writing this, like now I'll get one because I said it's not happened yet) I have thought I'd ask the officer to have his picture taken with me when it does happen - he'll be the lucky one catching me after driving on the road for 34 years.

7. I like to clean the house listening to classical music, I listen to country on a regular basis but something about the strings in classical makes cleaning enjoyable?, enjoyable is a stretch, that picture of my dirty house is still coming.

8. I put one sock and one shoe on at a time...weird I know, and I never really paid attention to it. One morning looked and wondered why I didn't put both socks on and then both shoes.

9. I don't like chocolate pudding - or custard, I do like ice cream and buttered popcorn.

10. My husband is my best friend, always has been, always will be. Whatever life throws at us, we hold on together.

11. The icing on the cake of my life; my two children...they are my greatest joys.

12. I'm thinking maybe I should reevaluate #4 as I recall one evening Husband and I were going out to dinner and he stopped short of walking out the front door, turned and asked "do you want to introduce your hair to a brush?"
It works for me,

Okay, now that you know a few rather boring facts about me let's move on.......

My bike riding scarf (Noro cotton). I call it my Bike Riding Scarf because I like to think it will provide me extra protection while peddling....you see, the majority of drivers these days find it necessary to multi task while in transit. You know, texting on the phone, eating, finding that perfect CD hidden under the passenger side seat. I thought the bright colors were striking in this Noro yarn and hope the drivers take notice too and avoid my bicycle. Maybe I'll become that "oh, there's that lady again with the bright scarf" and they'll see me from far off before they reach for that Star Bucks on the console.

I like my scarf so much that I'm using it as incentive to get the bike out and ride,
if it were light outside and not raining at the moment I'd take a quick lap around the "hood".

I mentioned I was going to do some housecleaning on Sunday - well, I did laundry, does that count? Lap Dog (Annie) is a very affectionate girl who loves to be held and carried. She just kept pestering me to pick her up and carry her while trying to do chores, so I scooped her up and tied the bottom of my apron (she looks huge in this photo, she weights in at 6 pounds.) Anyway, I've added another project to my "to do list". I'm going to make a large apron with a sling for her to relax and hang out. How spoiled is this dog???? SO SPOILED, you have no idea...

Have a great Wednesday - complete the teddy bear, finish the new sweater for Lap Dog are on my needles tonight...we'll see on tomorrow's blog how much or how little I get done....bye for now.


wagwinggarden said...

love your list...#4...your hair....I never look at myself in the shower...know where all the parts are...Liz Taylor did the same thing...#8...one shoe, one sock at a time....Clark Gable did this...we're not alone in our weirdness...

Prairie Rose said...

Love your list!
I am always scared that I will die from being buried alive....not sure why I have this fear.
You would think it would drowning since I dont know how to swim,but no,I am scared of being buried alive.
Love your scarf!
I have been on a scarf making phase as of late.
Have a great Wednesday!!

Robin said...

I really loved your list. I did the math on your driving years and figure you have hit the 5-0 if you started driving at 16? I am 51 this year. Still feel half that! Your #10 item was so heart warming. You're a lucky girl. Also, your picture with Lap Dog - oh that's cute. I did that with a 17-pound cat I had (who is now in cat heaven) and loved so dearly. Thanks for sharing! --Robin

a view from a brown dog said...

Not sure how I missed this but I wanted to tell you that I love this post. What a wonderful idea and your list is so great, especially #12, so funny. BTW the scarf is awesome Noro is so great and I do like their cotton line, soooo nice.