Thursday, October 7, 2010

Time on the lake or dirt? - Here I come

Husband is "the driver" even on the water

I'll be leaving work early tomorrow to spend a long weekend at our "home away from home"....don't read more into that than what it really is....a single wide, old, used mobile home sitting in the dirt on an Indian reservation along the shore of Lake Havasu. We've been going to this location for the last twenty years, this summer however, our trips seem to be few and far between. Life's gotten in the way this summer, I hope this winter will be different. I enjoy the desert in fall and winter months, lots of time spent driving "Daktari", our beat up offroad vehicle around in the desert, endless miles of land overseen by the Bureau of Land Management. Knitting on the porch, Husband tinkers on projects around the trailer, basically; time away from work, time away from every day life.

Here are some photos taken earlier, Husband drives, I 100% odds that my baby boy pants, teddybear/bunny suit toy, Lap Dogs new sweater will be completed by the time we arrive - traffic makes this a LONG drive, leaving midday still makes for at least a four hour drive.

The temps this weekend will be back into the 90's so the dogs will enjoy a last summer swim. How cute is Annie in her I Want To Be Paris Hilton life jacket? Gina's a classic, no other words to describe what a beauty she is...

Have a great weekend, these pictures remind me that this location is worth the drive, everyone enjoys themselves out there, man and beast alike.


Prairie Rose said...

What a lovely place!
And the doggies love it too,I can tell:)
Have a great weekend and cant wait to see the pcs from this trip!

a view from a brown dog said...

Have a great weekend! Looking forward to seeing your knitting.

wagwinggarden said...

20 years? can't believe it's been that long. You had to have bought that place about the time we first met.Love the happy smiles on Annie and Gina's faces. How lucky they are to be in your home.