Monday, November 8, 2010

LYS Visiting

A disgruntled family member who feels she hasn't be given her share of viewing time on this blog -  may I present Nala; Queen of her castle and ruler of Canine. was fun, perfect really. The traffic was light driving up to Venice and surface streets as well when I got there!! Three yarns shops were planned to visit and every one had easy parking right in front of each shop - what were the chances of that? The first was a little discount shop on Venice Blvd.- the sales ladies were both extremely nice and helpful,  I was looking for something specific and thought maybe they'd have it - no luck, but I did come out with this,

I love Debbie Bliss pure cotton,  these colors (discounted) will be perfect for a future baby blanket, boy or girl will be snug as a bug in this soft cotton.

LYS II....nice change of shopping experience in this shop from the last two visits. I noticed a change after the shop had been sold but Saturday the customers were greeted with pleasant employees, locals who were more interested in the craft of knitting rather than the gossip of celebrity sightings of who had been in shopping recently. There was a husband who had a camera in hand snapping closeups of the assorted Noro yarns while the wife shopped, the employee made a bee line over to question what he had planned to do with the pics....she was nice enough while questioning him, grumbled quietly to herself as she walked away after being told they were for his personal use. I also noticed they have several signs stating "No Cell Phone Use", really, what's up with that? Have you ever been bothered by a fellow knitter on her phone? If a knitter is on the phone it's because she's either found the mother load of yarns on sale or a particular Color Lot # she knows her fellow knitter friend has been searching for. I find those signs annoying, controlling and uptight, everything knitting should NOT be....on the front door "No Dogs Allowed", I've never liked walking into a store that has listed rules before shopping.....and now that I'm home I'm thinking I paid for a skein that's not in the bag:(

Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton
This beautiful shade of soft green - a future baby kimono wrap with an adorable wooden scottie button for a special finishing touch.

The perfect shade of plum....merino & silk....this will be sheer heaven to knit.

Mohair - a fun new scarf pattern and this yarn is awesome in color....I do hope Santa provides a new camera - I'm short changing this yarn by even posting this picture.

Hat & Hat;  for my son....have I told you lately how proud you make me??? Well you do, every day!

Down the street - a shop with a fluffy knitted collared dog who would greet any interested shopper.....and I was free to have my phone off "Aircraft Mode"
Generous employees, thanks again for the "pre-published pattern" and I'm happy as a clam to be your test knitter on the writing of the pattern.

Two cowls....both for me:)

Love, love, love Blue Sky Alpaca...and I don't have anything cute will this be as
a cowl with a white tee shirt???? 

This will be fun to wear.....brushed suri and alpaca???? I'm expecting this to be like
the wonderful white muffs I loved to wear as a little girl only this will be right around my neck!!!
Rich deep colors, dark green alpaca with flecks of chocolate knit together with rich brown suri....simply love this.

I'll have to use some willpower to leave these untouched until I've finished several projects on the needles will be my incentive to complete those first. It was a good day - the employees generous, a mom who brought her two young daughters in to schedule first time lessons (keep this hobby going to the next generation) and shoppers who were making purchases....just like Baa Baa Black Sheep, I came home with three bags full..... Wishing everyone a wonderful week that includes time spend doing your favorite activities. Thank you friends and visitors for spending time viewing my blog, if you're interested in shop names or details on the yarns please leave a comment and I'll be happy to provide!!


Anonymous said...

That should keep you busy for a while! Looking forward to seeing all your projects as you get them onto needles.

BTW, we tried the tortilla soup and it was delicious. Keep the recipes coming.

Thanks for your nice comments. It's nice to know someone's reading.

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

Loved visiting your blog today! I feel like I got to tag along to the yarn shops, too! Great yarns you bought - they'll make some lovely projects.

Prairie Rose said...

Nala is so darling!
And I agree with her, she certainly needs more time on the blog!
Your yarn is GORGOUS!
And is practically making me drool.
I wish there was an app on my screen so I could touch them all!
Cant wait to see them all knitted up!
Take care!

a view from a brown dog said...

Wow Kyle you hit the mother load didnt you? OOhhh I can't wait to see the them all done up. Happy knitting friend!

Robin said...

Incredible haul of beautiful yarn. Since I've only done a bit of crocheting in my day, I've never really bought any of the good stuff! Need to get some actual COTTON one of these days!
Also, the mantel shot on my header unfortunately is not from my house - darnit! It was taken while at lunch at the Ivy in L.A. It's a fabulous restaurant - totally country french decor. If you've not been, check it out sometime!