Sunday, November 14, 2010

Good x's Three

Surprises in the mail are always the best....
this treat came from my cousin a couple of days after
Zuni from Fiesta Yarns
we enjoyed our shopping day together in L.A. She sent it with a note that said "do something fun wth this", so, since I have the patience of a rattle snake I jump right into it (remember I said I'd finish the projects already on the needles before starting something new?)....the needles are flying along making something "very special" and I'll be sharing a picture early in the coming week. 
 November Flavor of the Month.....Gingerbread Man!!
It's a good one folks...the gingerbread man himself couldn't resist this ginger flavored ice cream with light vanilla ice cream deliciously laced with cinnamon carmel ribbon....the combination of the light vanilla ice cream with the gingerbread was a perfect balance....everyone agreed, "mmmm, it's good".

It's every bit as splendid as it looks - yes those are blooming roses
in the background, Fall in California, that's why we have the Rose Bowl
Parade every year, have to do something with all these flowers!
I was bouncing along blog reading one day when I came across this yarn....I'm always impressed with knitters who venture out in this hobby to include spinning. Well, Camilla has a sweet blog called and I wanted to help support her efforts in spinning - it arrived wrapped in tissue with a red & white cotton string. The tissue was taped and a handwritten thank you note was included. Before I even opened the tissue to reveal the yarn I knew this was her treasure created with love. I was delighted to see the colors and an added bonus I hadn't noticed when ordering.....sparkle. Bits of sparkle spun into a strand, just enough to add twinkle while wearing this little gem around my neck.....a future cowl perhaps?...for now I'm enjoying looking at it, smelling (I always smell yarns, weird I know) and pondering the pleasure spinning one's own yarn must bring.        
Enjoy your day....I'm off to look for sheep today, yes sheep, in town here? Where? It's something I've been thinking about lately and the weather is perfect outside and with camera in hand - I'm out the door. New hat completed and I'll post my progress on the Zuni by tomorrow!!! Have a great day.


Prairie Rose said...

Beautiful Yarns and Yummy sounding Ice Cream!
(and I smell the yarns too,so if its weird, we are weird together:)

opportunityknits said...

Such pretty new yarns. And that gingerbread ice cream sounds good. Our current ice cream hangout is a creamery nearby delightfully called Udders and our fave flavour is something called snickers mar honeycomb vanilla.
By the way, you can use sock patterns that call for those little dpns. You just have to re-think the number of stitches onto 2 circular needles. Works just as well!

Anonymous said...

Nothing better than getting yarn in the mail! Especially handspun. I can't wait to see what you do with it, it's gorgeous.