Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I'm sailing along knitting, then I stop, hold up the project for an overview, doubting what I'm doing but continue on anyway.....this is how most of my projects go. I don't mind ripping back but my personality is one that I just keep plugging along forward. As if by the time I'm finished magic will then take over. You know, that without making a gauge swatch the garment will fit. That without exact knowledge of yardage or pattern the blanket will be large enough. I'd say for the most part I knit with hope and a prayer.... after spending countless hours and dollars (that financial amount I'm taking to my grave) I have a fairly good track record.

So why am I saying this? Because of this....  

I was given this yarn (100% cotton) and decided a nice little cover about the size of a carseat for a baby would be a good idea. Feather & Fan pattern, size 8 needles and I'm on my way...... I've got two full skeins left and the blanket is the size I had in mind. So here's what I'm contemplating....adding an edging all along the four sides. I'm not really interested in having any leftover yarn so an edging and maybe a hat and I'll finish off all the yarn. That's the plan anyway, but since I don't really figure yardage it's a crap shoot. Do you see any reason not to edge on a Feather and Fan pattern? I'm going to give it a whirl...nice thing about knitting for babies, they are all non-knitters. If it wraps them up like little burritos they're pretty much happy.

I had to snap quickly, she turned and headed to the shade. 

I had said over the weekend I was going out to visit some livestock - these cute girls were photo cooperative so as the bike riders zoomed past I snapped a couple of pictures.  Sure wish I lived in the county to have with my own supply of wool and a spinning wheel!!! Spinning, now that's a craft I hope to learn more about someday down the road :)

The goats were more interested in what I was doing.

Have a great day....I'll be back soon, here's a new hat  - thinking this will head to Sicily for Son to wear? Not sure he'll be thrilled with the color but when it's cold "who cares".  I figure he can wear it at night in the dark.. Not the "earthtones" requested but hey, he can always pass it along to the first person that says he's likes it....I'm good with that!! Another hat is in the works with requested colors so he'll be pleased with the next box from sending packages from home - no Trader Joe's in Sicily!!!                  


Maria said...

I don't swatch either, have always just gone by the pattern and the requirements. I have stretched it a few times and stripes may have been required.
Unfortunately a project I WAS working on just won't fit me, and I was about 80% done on it :-(

opportunityknits said...

Haha, I don't swatch either. I just go by the suggested gauge on the yarn band and go with the flow :) and I am familiar with that plugging forward trait too!
Love the feather and fan baby blanket. I think it will look nice and finished with a border.
Couldn't help laughing at the bit about your son wearing the hat in the dark. It's so funny, but such a good perspective on things - the 'not to sweat the small stuff' perspective.

Anonymous said...

Those are earthtones, aren't they? I'm sure he'll love it :)

I bought a spinning wheel this fall and have been plugging away at it but I've got way too much to do before Christmas and there's a lot to learn. I'm going to be hitting it hard in the New Year, though. I can't wait to knit something out of my first skein of handspun, no matter how lumpy and bumpy it turns out :)

a view from a brown dog said...

Yes, I rarely knit a swatch and am very much like you in that I just go for it and hope for the magic :) The blanket is adorable I love the colors and that pattern. BTW love the hat your sending to Italy. Awesome pattern I may have to check that one out. Happy knitting friend