Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Plan B

I wish I had put my hand next to this platter so you could see how large
these cookies are, Santa the size of my hand!! 
Ok, I've made some progress......like all resourceful women I went to work; put on my apron, picked up paper and pen and went directly to the phone. There is NO chance I could ever crank out from my kitchen oven these beauties so I went with Plan B: phone call to the world's best bakery.

Viola !!! These are every bit as wonderfully tasting as they are beautiful to look at.

I will still don the holiday apron and bake the family favorites for my loved ones, but I still needed to address the "holiday requirements" for work (I put these on the "required" list, not my boss) and this is just the ticket. A quick phone call and this was one more item crossed off the "to do list". Now I have time to zoom around on my lunch hour and pick up those two missing items needed to complete the Christmas stockings so I can spend tomorrow's lunch hour standing in the line at the Post Office for mailing.

Can you hear the Christmas cheer???? Ho, Ho, Ho,.....

I have to say I really don't mind doing all this when I have just watched the national weather report, how the heck do you folks living in the cold weather manage all this???? How do you shop when the streets are frozen and covered in snow? How do you know where to park your cars in the lot when the white lines of parking stalls are snowed over? I have NO experience with a White Christmas so I've wondered how the lights go up on the house when the gutters are frozen solid, where do you put the ladder?

My blogging buddies, I so enjoy all of you sharing your lovely homes, pictures of winter wonderlands, baking, decorations etc. as this is how I experience a Wintery holiday. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for the "slight chance of rain" they say we may have by the weekend. At least the temps have cooled - yesterday, a summery 82 degrees....how am I supposed to wear that homespun scarf with that going on outside? I see your blogs with hot chocolate and gingerbread and wish you could sent a cloud or two my way!!

Here's what I've got going with my needles this week....LOVE this yarn...Debbie Bliss Pure Cotton.
Have to keep the details a secret for now as to what I'm planning until I give it to the kids (my kid is having a kid - still adjusting to that little fact as I'm sure I'm still too young) - the mirror is telling me to "look again".

That's why I only have ONE mirror in the house.

The decorating? Most is still in the cedar chest...boxes...I do have trees in the livingroom - yes, I said "trees"...I've decided to change the traditional "one" and make a small forest this year....

For now, it's time to go play....I'm off to the movies to see Cher and Christina....two totally cool women.
One, brutally honest, that's why I've always liked her - the Other, has the most gifted singing voice.

Have a wonderful day - I hope your holiday list is shorter than last week and the season's Ho, Ho, Ho, fills your home.

Santa and the rest of the holiday gang are waiting to make their appearance so I'll be right back!

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Karen said...

Lovin' those cookies - especially that big stocking:)
We have cold, dry weather in Northeast PA - no snow:( Hopefully, by the weekend. And, yes - froze my fingers off putt up a few lights, outside:)
Love your blog and the little paw prints are adorable!