Sunday, December 19, 2010

Rain Drops on Roses....n.....Whiskers on Kittens....... now the song will be with you!!

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I laughed when daughter described this little airport as "flying out from a trailer park"
Such a busy week - no, I'm still not ready.....this is another weekend of watching flight status while loved ones travel about the globe....LAX on Friday  for DIL (daughter-in-law for my new blog readers) - she just missed all the closures in Europe....landed safe and sound No packed suitcases for me, instead, it's time with Santa, the oven, the mall, online ordering......
The rain has arrived, fireplace filled with burning logs, a movie planned for afternoon watching while baking Mom's favorite raspberry bars (yes, I'll share the recipe).

Decorating is a process for me, usually involving background music, a drink of some kind (anything from wine to hot chocolate will work) and The Cat.....yes, decorating in my house will most certainly include The Cat, whether you want her presence or not. The temptation to jump in boxes, smell the opened antique cedar blanket chest, batting styrofoam packing popcorn across the wooden livingroom floor are all too much to resist for this kitty.....

Long ago ribbons were left off packages under the tree, all ornaments hung on the lower third of the tree are at risk of not surviving the quick flash of a paw taking a swipe. This is the only time of year I actully see this cat move - the rest of the year she's draped across the back of the sofa, balanced on a window ledge or curled on the end of my bedspread (I won't bother describing what she's done with her claws to my pretty bedcover)....when "daughter" moves out Kitty will be her roommate so I'm seeing light at the end of the tunnel....does "daughter" have a move-out date? No, not even a move-out year!!! That tunnel light is dim but I know somewhere in the distance it has to be there.....

Progress is painfully slow...., the rain is calling so instead I left the open boxes and cedar chest and went for a walk - in the pouring rain....loved every moment of it.
Walking past this rose blooming in my yard the three mile walk was spent with Julie Andrews singing in my head "rain drops on roses and whiskers on kittens"
Oh by the way, a movie review: Burlesque with Cher and was great. Loved the music, the clothes, the I want those shoes! I wouldn't be disappointed if Santa put the movie C.D. soundtrack under the tree:)

Annie needs a new raincoat..or have this one straightened

on the way to the mall - loving the rain....oh happy day

It will rust with the rain but I bring it out every year!!

 So what's my idea of a perfect day???? A walk in the rain, a movie, knitting, my husband sitting on the sofa watching a movie that is of NO interest to him but he's "there" with me....he did like watching Burlesque, big surprise...
Sorry Meryl and Amy - maybe you needed to sing and just wear the aprons and he'd been more interested.

Yes, my pants are soaked from the heavy was wonderful!!!
Enjoy your day friends....I have to go get the cat away from Santa....I think she's smelling natural fiber and can't resist going for the kill of dear Santa's beard.......... Stupid Cat...hold on Santa, I'm on my way.....


Prairie Rose said...

We have a poor angel that gets ruthlessly attacked by our cats and I constantly have to rescue her.
Have fun getting ready for christmas!

Mr Puffy's Knitting Blog: said...

I really enjoyed Burlesque too :) Your perfect day sounds a lot like mine!

PS I grew up reading Laura Ingalls Wilder ~ thanks for reminding me of her books (indirectly).

Prairie Rose said...

You Won! You WON! You WON!!!
Please email me at with your address!!