Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy Bee I Am......

Lot's of exciting things going on here.....piano lessons scheduled, overdue return phone calls made to friends, birth certificates tracked down for international travel later in the year, ice cream eaten (before dinner!!), buying and selling of autos, hiking trips being planned, sending off great new pictures from Sicily to a loved one to see, making Saturday plans to give a knit lesson to a newbie to the craft, and my own knitting?'s good, I'm almost ready to post what I've completed and then I'll be needing your opinions....add an edge, YES or NO? I'm thinking to add it, but I'm always open to the views of others....after all, you are the talents out there in the world!

It's that time again to enjoy "THE FLAVOR OF THE MONTH"...this is a brand new flavor offered by Baskin Robbins - Chocolate Escape.
Swiss chocolate ice cream loaded with chocolate ganache cake.....for me, a trigger for a migraine but I took the gamble, who can go through life avoiding chocolate??

Do you think the counter girl could have found us longer spoons......?

Apparently we all enjoyed each and every bite.... it was a good time visiting and enjoying the sweet treat before any of us had eaten dinner, reminds me of my Grandma serving Apple Shrub before dinner (orange sherbet & apple juice, it's wonderful if you haven't tried it) ....the evening just kept getting better......when I walked in the door at home this is what I saw waiting for me!!!!!!

I couldn't get the box opened fast enough.....I'll share tomorrow what was inside, I'm still overwhelmed by the amount of generosity of the contents and how much I love the people that sent it.

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Prairie Rose said...

Yes, I agree, I think you most certainly needed spoons with longer handles....good grief!
Cant wait to see whats in the box!
Your house sounds like it is bursting with fun projects!