Monday, January 17, 2011

let the learning begin........

After a quick trip to the market in the morning and lunch with Mom, Man In Black & I went back to the mall......I'm telling you this so you know that somewhere out there are people doing their part in keeping the American economy expensive short trip to the mall, now I remember why I avoid going...

We are now hooked up with the most current technology though, so I guess that's good. The skype video was working "partially" on the home computer and seemed a bit clunky, so we updated our phones with every bell and whistle available with cameras, service plans, colors....the works. I'm expecting one day to select a phone with the capabilities of "beam me up Scottie".  For those of you "younger readers" that's a line from the popular Star Trek series....not so into the future space age now when thinking how far we've come with technology. Anyway, I'm excited about figuring out the new phone and all the available apps....that's the new word, did you hear that too? "Apps",,,,not sure who decides "the new word of the year" but this is the selected winner. Son & Daughter....we'll be chatting soon, just as soon as your older generation parents figure out their new phones. The afternoon ended with a bike ride with Man In Black....79 degrees, it was a great day!!

So,,,,,,piano roll please..........(this is the part of the piano roll)...............remember I mentioned a while back that I saw Paul McCartney and a piano in my future????? Well, for the past several months I've been thinking about what I would like to learn that's new and sounds enjoyable to me. I decided I would like to learn to play one (1), yes that's a ONE - song on the piano and play it as close to perfection as possible.....but what song? If you've read my bio you know that I have no musical talent what so ever, no tone to hear a single note.....nothing folks, when they handed out musical talent I was definitely standing in a different line ("who wants to be a bean counter?" - how boring am I ???), anyway, I was thinking which song interests me and says what I feel? Who can say it better than Paul McCartney - In My Life would be the perfect song.

So, the first thing I need would be a piano - I have a dusty one sitting in the familyroom
Next, a piano teacher willing to teach someone a single song - ............ I found "Miss Marlene"

After a fair amount of laughing on the other side of the phone conversation (the laughing came from "Miss Marlene") she said she'd be happy to teach me the song and thought the idea sounded fun (she also loves the song and has the music) and told me in all her years of teaching only once had someone else asked for a single song to learn - she thought he was joking and she never taught, her first question was "how well do you want to play this song?". I told her I would like to spend 2011 learning and at the end of the year play it to a level that Paul McCartney would not be displeased that I spoiled his melody (there will be no singing on my part - I know there are not enough lessons in this lifetime to pull that off).  Miss Marlene and I will begin the lessons this month and as time progresses I'll keep you updated on my progress, she said there will be "finger exercises" involved (I'm hoping my ability to "text" will help in this area?)

Off to work, no holiday for this "over spender at the local mall" so I'm grateful I have a job to report to this morning - my lunch hour will be knitting in the car attaching the "P Blanket" and starting the edging so I hope to have that posted with a completed picture by evening (you ask how I do that in only "a lunch hour"?) I have grand expectations of just how much I can do...... - have a great day everyone, if it's a holiday for you - enjoy!!     

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Prairie Rose said...

Good Luck!
With the new gadget, the piano lessons and the lunch hour knitting!
No Holiday here either for Manly and I.