Saturday, January 15, 2011

"P" Blanket....

I'm really enjoying knitting with this cotton - of course, again I'm late to the party....I bought this yarn while shopping in Los Angeles a few months back. I love the colors, the texture, the in my mind I'm thinking about all kinds of projects I'll make in the future with new skeins after this project is completed - guess what, it's discontinued!!! I went to my local favorite yarn shop and she had one single lonely skein of green - I couldn't grab it fast enough and get it into my basket, someone watching may have thought I was holding a winning lottery ticket. This yarn has been replaced with something they refer to as "fair trade" which got me thinking......I noted on the label the cotton was from China.
China grows cotton? Or does China import the cotton from the United States, put the Debbie Bliss label on it, put it back on the boat to the U.S. and into my shopping basket? Do I care? Not really...I suppose that's the "trade friendly" part of  the labeling. So, I'll now have the new "Eco Cotton" which replaced the "Pure Cotton" but it's not the same - close but no cigar as the saying goes.

While others are enjoying the weather in the East with snow, cups of hot chocolate, or road trips out West to Sonoma wine events; I'll be washing the outside windows. Not exciting stuff but it certainly brings me pleasure. I love clean windows, no screens on my little house....let that sunshine come through. After cleaning and dusting and polishing the wood floors I'll be bringing out the Easter decorations, I'm not kidding. Christmas was a total failure this year as far as me decorating goes and I'll be having company coming in February and March (escaping the cold from Chicago and Wisconsin) so I'm going gung ho with the Easter bunny. I don't even know when Easter is this year, haven't bothered to look at the calendar, doesn't matter, the decorations are coming out in January. The table will be set with Valentines Day so that day won't be overlooked. I'm getting ahead of myself....first I have to wash the outside windows and let's see what I get done cleaning the inside of house. I think it's time to make a list:

Wash the windows
Add a new book to my Kindle
Send a letter to a loved one
Clean the inside of the house
this will be my goal for the day......but best of all, I just talked with Son & Daughter in Sicily and they look so happy, so good, so content and relaxed....that makes me so very grateful. It doesn't really matter what I do or don't get done today, knowing my kids are happy has already made my day complete and the sun isn't even up yet.

Have a good day everyone -  hope your day is content, relaxed and grateful. I'll be back tomorrow with the wool/silk vest progress and a completed blanket - boy I set my goals high!! I haven't even gotten to the windows yet...

Update: I didn't post this right away and now it's sunset....I'm about to go out for a walk but wanted to tell you of my completed tasks for the day,

windows - check
letter to loved one - check
laundry washed - check
went to mall to buy hiking boots - check
mailed off two more boxes to Sicily - check (I'm one of those Mom's who love to send their kids presents in the mail as a surprise) - oops....surprise Son & Daughter!!
what's left to do? I'm putting on some shoes and taking a walk - I don't want to get anyone bothered but we're enjoying weather in the low 80's here today....Man In Black enjoyed an In & Out burger for lunch so I can get away with making a really "light" dinner tonight of leftovers...he's a prince! I feel I should follow up that comment due to those who may think "why does she feel she needs to make him dinner and be happy he'll eat leftovers?" Well, I'll tell you, he spent a solid three hours this morning detailing every inch of my car (not a small car either) inside and out until the thing looks show room perfect...I didn't ask, he just did it because he loves me. We do for each other without asking - that's why I'm a very happily married woman of 31 years.....if you're wondering? I married VERY young so I still consider myself not quite middle aged:)  At least that's what I tell myself.

Be back real soon....the weekend's not over yet and I still have lots to share:)



Kara said...

The blanket is coming along awesome. I love all the different textures and colors.

I think you and your husband have got the marriage thing down!

Leah said...

Momma and poppa P love lil P blankie!!

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Yes, if memory serves, you were 9 years old when you and Man-In-Black married. Pretty sure that is what I recall. So married for 31 years puts you at 39. :-)