Monday, January 24, 2011

Sunday Snapshots

I won't tell you how many HOURS I spent bumping my way along figuring this out - to say I've "figured it out" is really a was luck and I'm not going to let you believe anything other than the truth. But, I did get the pictures posted and I think I have a very SLIGHT idea how to do it again tomorrow.....thanks for hanging in there with me.

The day was picture perfect "California Dreamin"....there are days I moan and grown about the crowds, traffic, lack of four seasons, but when I step outside to this I think "shut up, are you serious? These people are wearing shorts, tee shirts, riding bikes and you want snow?"

The weather was beautiful...warm in the high 70's

We went to our local town lake and starting clicking away....hope you enjoy my first photos,.... there are a bit dull but if I captured the pleasant weather we enjoyed today than I'll consider the pictures a success.

These two were waiting for a bit of picnic leftovers

As we walked around the area I wondered to myself why   I don't come here more often, it's so peaceful and quiet.

Bikes, fishing, walking, battery operated toys, we saw a bit of everything - everyone outside enjoying the day

This tree has such interesting bark - paper bark eucalyptus maybe?
Have a great day - I have a recipe to share tomorrow....very tasty and quick (can't say it's low calorie) but I'll look for a salad recipe next time for all you weight watchers.

The knitting lesson went great - she set the bar higher for any future students.....three rows and she was already recognizing errors and getting a feel for the needles. I can confidently say - there's a new knitter among us and a future customer for the local yarn shop. She's starting off with dishclothes but has her eye set on a mohair throw blanket for her sofa for a future project down the road.... the day continued with an enjoyable evening spent with extended family. We spent time with our new in-laws of our son and had a wonderful evening visiting....of course, talking all about our kids.

The food was awesome - I felt like I was eating from the Food Network show....check out these plates.

She knows her way around the kitchen and the presentation of the food was wonderful - three hours of great conversation and in the back of my mind I'm thinking "what can I serve when they come over to our house?" A casserole will pale in comparison to this delicious meal. I'll have to surf the Food Network and see what Ida has cooking in The Hamptons for her hubby Jeffrey....she makes it look so effortlessly easy and impressive.  Her husband is such a sweetheart and is so much fun to watch him enjoy her cooking.

The sewing machine is waiting until tomorrow night to start "my masterpiece" - I checked with a friend (a view from a brown dog blogger)  who knows her way around a sewing machine and suggested I get some batting for my camera strap project so tomorrow's lunch hour will be a trip back to the fabric store. I asked Man In Black if he would use the camera if I made a custom camera strap cover and he said as long as it didn't have flowers on it - well, I had already selected the fabrics and four of the six chosen have flowers.... his masculinity will have to be secure because he's about to have moda quilt fabric around his neck because this camera strap is going on......I'll throw in a couple more fabrics of strips and maybe he won't notice all the flowers.

Today (remember this post was on hold for a day, now today is tomorrow)... I went to a wonderful fabric store near where I work and the owner was so helpful and directed me to some lining (white and you iron it to the fabric, that's all the details I can share since this is all Greek to me)...I found some really great fabric that's going to make a very cool camera strap for the photographers in Sicily....very cool, I think they'll love it.
I think maybe my brother needs one too for his camera and one for it weird to have a camera with fashionable straps? Several fashionable straps????

Thank you for the comments on the edging of the blanket - I'm going with your suggestion and using the white crochet trimming....hopefully you'll be seeing it tomorrow. You bloggers are the best!! I love getting the comments!
See you tomorrow - now that I've got these pictures posted I can go make that recipe I was telling you about...
Oh ya, I ate half a box of  Chips Ahoy chocolate chips cookies while trying to figure out the new camera uploading and the new phone uploading, I thought a good dose of sugar might help with the brain power.... thankgoodness I figured it out because that cookie bag was well on the way to being crumbs.


Prairie Rose said...

Good Luck!
Hope you figure everything out!

wagwinggarden said...

isn't laguna lake beautiful since they redid it...I've walked the dogs here often...that dinner looks great but not to put out some great food also...and they will love your cozy home...

a view from a brown dog said...

These are fantastic! You definitely captured the amazing weather we have been having. Cant wait to see you new strap and no i dont think you can have to many accessories i say go crazy and make lots.
Your dinner looks really lovely. You have nothing to worry about here, you are an awesome cook and host! Have fun friend talk to you soon cant.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Great pics for your first time out! My personal favorite is the close-up of the ducks. It will be a fun adventure trying to become better photographers!!