Thursday, January 27, 2011


Getting car sold - Check
Dinner out with the girlfriends - Check
Dentist appointment - Check
Blanket completed - Check.....

I am pleased with the result - now we just wait......waiting......waiting.......

Going out for dinner mid week was a nice treat, after we headed back to a pals house and she brought out every quilt she's ever sewn in the past 20 years.... I can see how people go crazy over fabrics and patterns, REALLY crazy. She's inspired me to try my hand this summer when the weather gets too warm for knitting to make a couple of small scale sewing projects. I've traveled down this path before with my sewing machine and for me it's not the exciting passion filled experience I see others enjoying. Instead, it feels a bit like a small battle between myself and scissors....something about the preciseness of sewing and getting all those points perfect gets my stress level going....I'm more comfortable with the haphazardness of playing with string and sticks (the description of knitting in its basic form), that's my comfort zone. Anyway, it was wonderful seeing flannels, cottage rose prints, baby quilts, Christmas quilts....really quite endless. I've decided to save the charm pack for a cute tote bag I saw...who wouldn't love a hobby that had charms and jellyrolls? My pal, the master quilter has invited me over for sewing sessions to oversee my tote project for the best chance of completion, otherwise, I can guarantee that it will get to the half way point and forever remain stuffed in a bag lost among the dust bunnies under any bed with available space.  I'll keep you posted on this future's pretty darn cute.
What's on plan for this weekend? The wool/silk vest continues and I'm bringing out the Easter decorations...early I know, but since Christmas was a total failure in the decorating department I'm going to have Peter Cottontail and all his friends have full run of the house for the next couple of months.

This brings me back to fabric - Easter brings thoughts of fabric???  Read on......I discovered last night while admiring quilts that I love Cottage Rose fabrics.....the wheels are turning in my head and I'm thinking I need some...I'll start slow as not to bring attention to Man In Black who I promised the flower wallpaper in our bedroom would be the only bouquets he'd have to tolerate. Outside on the back patio seems like a likely place, a pillow here and there, some place mats.....just a touch. Maybe tomorrow it's back to the fabric store on the lunch hour....did I say I'd wait and do this in the summer?
Another discovery....there is some place in Utah where they sell these wonderful quilt kits with all flannel blocks....I'm certain I need one of these was really soft and would be the perfect addition to our family room - the location in Utah???? Totally unknown, a group of women go there frequently and bring them back so my mission is to track down these women and find out when they're going I know this group of women, nope. Not a clue who they are, but I'll find them through the grapevine of the quilters network.... it was a really great quilt.

Here's the recipe I was talking about - Mexican Turkey Burgers....  

1 Lb. Ground Turkey
Green Salsa Verde - Hearty Chunky Style
Pepper Jack Cheese

Mix ground turkey with 1/2 jar of salsa verde, divide into equal size and make patties....cook in skillet (don't flip until one side is nicely browned) cook until done.
Put one slice of pepper jack cheese on each burger and cover with lid to melt the cheese 
Place patties on buns (I use a heavy solid hamburger bun so they don't fall apart)
Top with guacamole, or sliced avocado, and sliced tomato

So far, these have been a hit with everyone. ..easy peasy when you have 10 minutes to make dinner when you've just walked in the door and every one's asking "what's for dinner?"

See you tomorrow, I'll have the camera strap done.....I don't have a clue how to use the camera yet but I'll be looking like I've been at it for ages wearing a custom camera strap.  The parents-to-be in Sicily are on a "photomission" and I've been informed one is getting quite competitive so I may have to give him a run for his money.....I figure if he "has a good eye" for photography he can thank his Mom.....I've recently been told that  - not by an expert mind you, just someone else who has been taking pictures longer than I have and knows how to use their cameras.  I'll take credit where ever I can get it...
Enjoy your day, tomorrow is the first piano lesson.....wish me luck she sees potential:)


Prairie Rose said...

Mmm, those burgers sound yummy!
We love burgers in this house:)
I am with you on the sewing.
I had some terrible years racked up in Sewing 4-H.
Sewing machines dont like me one bit.
I do look at quilts and see the attraction and all the pretty fabric.
But, I get along just fine with my sticks and string:)
Have a super weekend!

a view from a brown dog said...

Okay you are so funny. First let me say i love your "patience" i can totally relate. I am excited for you to spend some time with your machine and quilting well taht is a whole new world i am still working into. I would love to know who your master seamstress is? Cant wait to see your strap. Have a great weekend!

Kara said...

I live in Utah and have no idea who these mysterious quilt people are. When you find out, let me know!

Jonell said...

Yeah! These quilt people are really making a buzz. Toss pillows