Sunday, February 27, 2011

Enjoy your day....

Saturday began with a drive through the rain, a turn up out of the valley and beautiful skies were waiting....

Family from out of town visiting for the weekend enjoyed looking at some local upscale real estate, dinner a bit later and then we had an evening drive home. The relatives stayed back to continue the visit and enjoyment of the desert experience.

Sunday - the sun is shining - no hint of rain, it's still unknown what the day ahead will hold.

I'll let you know tomorrow if I baked those lemon chocolate dipped cookies I'm giving some thought to making,
if I took the bike for a cruise around the neighborhood,
if I cast on a new project (the Sea Shell blanket is finished).....I don't want to think about what may happen today - I'm going to just let it all unfold and see what comes.

Talk with you tomorrow - wishing you a restful day and that life unfolds something interesting for you.

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