Thursday, February 24, 2011

Thursday's Fare

Dinner time......

This is a new recipe I tried tonight from the current issue of "Everyday With Rachael Ray" magazine, I'm not a follower of her's but I've picked up a few recipes along the way from a magazine here and there.....
When he's not building shelves, he chops veggies
It's good, cooks up quick and feels like we're eating healthy.

Chicken with Wine (it was the name that drew my attention!) and listed under Living Light,
for us that's until the dessert course begins in our house.

Cook skinless boneless chicken breasts, coated with flour and salt n pepper in olive oil. Remove to platter
Cook 10 ozs. mushrooms in butter and 1 chopped shallot, remove and add to chicken platter
In skillet heat 1 cup of red wine and 1/2 cup chicken broth until reduced.....add chicken and mushrooms back to platter,
cook until heated through - add 2 tsp. of fresh thyme.
The chicken tasted good - one thing to keep in mind - the red wine turns the chicken a purple color but the taste made you forget the odd color, next time, I'll add more chicken broth and maybe it will tone down the purple chicken.

The vegetables - your basic carrots and squash with butter, garlic, lemon zest.

 Now let's talk dessert......This month's Flavor of the Month......Chocolate Mousse with Red Chocolate Hearts...

two out of the three went "flavor of the month"
the other wanted her favorite - apple pie ice cream
they were both good
We had the ice cream earlier in the week and the fourth member missed the party - next month he'll have to have a double scoop of  the flavor of his choice.....we won't have to wait long - next month is next Tuesday!

Enjoy your day...........have anything planned for the weekend? Hope it's a great one my blogging buddies!!
See you soon....



Prairie Rose said...

Mmm,this sounds like a very yummy recipe.
I never use to be a fan of R.R. but I do like her easy recipes now and then.
They are simple and still homecooked.
Have a super weekend!

opportunityknits said...

The chicken with mushrooms look so yummy. That reminds me. I have a packet of mushrooms in my fridge!

a view from a brown dog said...

Great pics, love that you guys spend time in the kitchen together too! Have a great weekend and stay warm, they say it's going to be cold one!

Robin said...

Looks yummy, and of course the ice cream looks delish. :)