Monday, February 21, 2011

Sea Shells in progress...

I needed to find something to do while Man In Black watched his evening game show -
 I'd join in too if I thought I'd get any of the answers correct
Good as a candy bar - excellent inside a cookie and the perfect addition to a little reading on the Kindle

Sea Shells By The Shore For Baby
I'm enjoying knitting this blanket, the yarn's organic cotton, soft, squishy....and it has a pleasant smell. I've mentioned before that I smell the fibers....odd? I''ve seen on several occasions others doing the same, but this yarn, it has a sweet scent, almost a very light perfume. Do they add something to the yarn to make it smell??? I know the sheep are sweet little dears and that prevents me from EVER eating one, but I'm not so taken with them that I expect them to smell like a little bouquet of happiness - quite the opposite since I've spent time around a barnyard . Anyway, it's an enjoyable project and one day this sweet smelling lil blanket will be wrapped around a sweet baby....

While doing my cleaning up around the house I ran across this little towel. Thought it was too cute to be folded up in the drawer and the picture of the little birds makes me smile....

This makes me smile too....she's new, a "find" at a thrift store from a savy shopper who felt she should be roosting at my house. She's on the shelf today but will be outside in a basket when Spring arrives, she's so colorful - love it!!
 The savy shopper knows me well.  

Enjoy your day.....I picked up a new knitting book tonight after work and I'll post it tomorrow and the sweater pattern that's going on the needles by the weekend. Time to get a couple of rows completed and then hit the pillow:)
Have a great day.....I'm checking your blogs tomorrow to see what you've been up to lately!!!


Maria said...

Sea Shells is looking lovely and perfect with a little one wrapped in it. I haven't yet used cotton for a blanket, but I'm working on it

What a gorgeous little towel, they certainly don't make them so cute today

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Nice chicken!!!

opportunityknits said...

ooooohhh snickers in a cookie!