Thursday, February 10, 2011

so I ripped it out,

I've been going here, there & everywhere ...
Since we last visited I've ripped out, knit, and ripped out again.....some days are just like that.

The cotton is wonderfully soft, "yummy" as several fellow knitters described it at the Wednesday knitting lunch hour with my peeps.
So, I'm sailing along enjoying the yarn and pattern and see on the third shell repeat I'm a bit off....even though the baby will never critique my knitting abilities or the lack of, I couldn't continue until the slight correction was made so my "sailing" could continue. One hundred and fifty plus stitches I opted to take the whole thing off the needles and rip back to the error.....well, that was good thinking on my part, because this blanket would be perfect if I were knitting for a baby horse!! I've said in the past "making gauge" is something I avoid , I'm far to eager to blast forward and get the pattern underway.
I like the pattern, yarn, and color, but I'll have to take a bit of time to figure out how many cast ons I can eliminate and still keep the pattern correct. Thankfully, I've just started this project so I'm not frustrated with the loss of time in having to start again.

Time.....I spend more time thinking about time as I grow older. I don't like to waste it, I don't like to sleep if the sun is up (I'm usually up before sunrise),  I don't like to have the day end if it didn't include activities that bring me pleasure. I wish I could tell you I accomplish this, but like most of us having this desire, life just doesn't work like that.

I saw several great places today while outside on my lunch hour so tomorrow the camera is going around my neck and the tennis shoes are going on and I'll be taking pictures over my lunch break to share with those who are living in colder climates. The intention is to show you Mother Nature is moving along and she's heading your way before too much longer - Spring and all it's colors will be blooming in your area soon. Like I've said in the past - come visit California, it is the Golden State, and if your lucky enough to experience an occasional earthquake that's an added bonus to the visit!!!

OK, here's what I've been waiting for.......the shop ran out of being a "non sewing type" needs a pattern!!!Designed by Penny Sturges
I've pushed up the "Chubby Charmer" from being a Summer project to a March project.....I love the colors and it's just too fun to wait until Summer to start enjoying it. I'll post more pictures when the sewing begins - I'm sure I'll have questions for you sewing experts who I hope will lend me a hand....

The Sleepytime Seashells blanket is knit with Lyons Brand Organic Cotton - easy pattern and probably a snap for those who like to start sensibility with a gauge swatch.......for me, I'll do the math and figure out how many "shells" I can drop off.

Have a great Friday.....I'll be back with some colorful pictures of what's blooming in my part of the world, time to cast on the cotton blanket again....question; I'm finding the cotton has lots of bits flying into the air and makes my nose itch....anybody else ever experience this??? I don't know if this is typical of organic cotton or all cottons to have bits floating up into the air. So far this brand of yarn is the only one that has had this effect on me - will I stop using it?
Not a chance, it's wonderfully soft.

Enjoy your day - hello weekend!!!!
Tomorrow - Lesson 3 on the piano....."this land is your land, this land is my land" la la....
this is what I can "barely" play,
still quite a long way until Paul McCartney and I are making music together....


opportunityknits said...

The blankie pattern is cute. Looking on the bright side, at least you discovered the gauge effect before you completed it :)
Love the colours of the fabric squares for the bag.
Have a good weekend!

Kara said...

I hear you. I am terrible about doing a gauge. I just want to get knitting! Sorry you had to frog. It will be so cute when it is done..