Thursday, March 31, 2011

Flavor of the Month

Today was really the perfect day to enjoy a bit of ice's was 90 degrees outside today - thankfully that will end tomorrow!!!!
So, the Hawaiian bag/missing scarf knitter and I had a scoop of ice cream and discussed the current world events. 

The weekly muffins are looking like their going to become something of the's not really working for me, nobody lives in my house that's interested in eating muffins on a weekly basis and frankly, I'm not getting the enjoyment out of baking them I was, chuck that idea and continue on with the piano practicing and ongoing knitting projects.

The tax returns are completed, the wedding gift has been mailed and I'm going to go to Hollywood on Saturday to do some knit shop crawling....there's a sale on Saturday, I hope I can remember that the last thing I need to bring home is more yarn.....except for the scarf I need to replace because I gave one away a few weeks back. I'll let you know how quickly my willpower caved in....will it be the first store or will I be able to hold out until the last one?

I've got a baby hat almost complete.....I call it my "Who's.......coming????" Baby Hat.
I'll post it tomorrow, I have to complete the eyes first.....the Chubby Charmer bag????? Well, I was having a bit of a problem and getting frustrated and thought maybe a glass of wine would improve my sewing I need to find my seam ripper because I managed to sew three rows correctly and the fourth is totally messed up. I'll break out the glass of wine again after I've sewn the last bit of handle and she's ready for use.

Wishing you all a wonderful Friday......hello slouchy cardigan....the sleeves are giving me a bit of a problem with the finishing stitching-I've decided to put it aside until we're down in the 70's again - 90 is just too hot    


opportunityknits said...

drools at the flavour of the month ... hmmm I think I should have ice cream for lunch today.
My family doesn't really like eating muffins that often either :)

a view from a brown dog said...

Freaking heck this weather is nuts! Rain rain rain then BAM 90 degrees i am melting.... just saying, and that ice cream looks very refreshing was it good? I cant wait to see your slouchy. Happy Friday Kyle keep cool sister they say tomorrow it will be much cooler. Oh gosh i almost forgot ~ love the line about wine and sewing tried it too and had pretty much the same result as you :)