Sunday, April 3, 2011

"Who's" Hat.....

Hawaiian bag knitter and I (I've got to come up with another name for her than that one), anyway, we decided to make a couple of owl hats for babies due to arrive in the coming weeks - here's what we came up with

I need to correct that bit of gold on the side
we later tied the ears to stand up
someone said they looked like owls with dog ears

We fussed with the ears until about 11:00 p.m. and then I needed to call it a day - she continued on when she got home so I'm not sure what the finished product looked like on the pink one.

Yesterday was a good day - except that I still am at a COMPLETE loss as to why people would want to live/work/play in Los Angeles???? The traffic was unbelievable, the parking - what parking? People and lots of dog walking going on but the amount of concrete and noise always leaves me feeling a bit sick by the time I arrive back home. Now don't get me wrong, the people I saw during the course of the day looked very happy and relaxed, eating at the sidewalk restaurants, walking the family pets, creeping along in their cars from one red light to the next it's just that I'm discovering that as time passes I seem to feel more comfortable with less...less around me as in concrete, people, noise, clutter in my home, clutter in my life in general. It's time for another trip to Havasu....I recharge my battery there and enjoy the quiet.

But, no recharging today - I have to get to the market, do some cooking for the coming week ahead and get back to my sewing machine. I'll post pictures tonight of what I bought yesterday while shopping the sale at Wild Fiber in Santa Monica - was it worth the drive? Yes, but only because I spent the day with family/friends, why is it these yarn stores only put the cheap older yarns on sale? The great stuff was just as expensive as any other day, come on, not even 10% to save on the sales tax (not to mention the gas prices and cost of parking outside the store - and here's a thought Wild Fiber, break out a lawnmower and a little RoundUp and chop down those weeds your customers hike through getting to the front door).

In my next life I'm going to own a yarn shop - it will a fun welcoming place to all.....that includes kids, dogs, cell phones, chatter.....and the knitting lessons??? They will all be free....I've never seen the sense in charging for a knitting lesson - what's it take? One - two minutes to show how the yarn goes around and charge $$$$.....then the newbie has to buy the yarn and goes home to mess up over and over and drive back to the yarn shop and hope someone will take mercy because hopefully she's purchased the yarn there and they'll lend a hand? That's nonsense...Now keep in mind I never said my yarn shop would make money - just that it would be a great place to come and shop, knit, visit and share....oh ya, and probably do some eating too....

Anyway, got to go.....see you later tonight/tomorrow with my progress on the Chubby Charmer bag.
Have a great day friends!!!  


opportunityknits said...

the hats are so cute!

Kara said...

Those hats are a hoot! ;)

a view from a brown dog said...

haha what a who ha hoot those hats are! LA traffic yep hopefully it was worth the trip. What did you get?