Sunday, April 24, 2011

M & M Monday....

I started off last week "rosy"......literally with posted pictures of a rose for each day of the week.

For those of you who remember - my week took a trajectory direction South within 24 hours and continued until it crashed and burned.

This week - let's try a different approach......

M & M's....this means Monday Mornings, right?

I've decided to self medicate.....I'm taking two chocolate peanut M & M's and putting on my walking shoes and heading out the door at 5:50 a.m. to exercise......I usually "think" about walking while sitting knitting watching the morning news at 5:50 a.m. but this week I'm going to put it into action.

My work week may still fall apart before Wednesday, but, if I've walked, enjoyed quiet time alone, taken notice of the birds in the yard than at least I've started my days off on the right foot.

There's been some of this going on over the weekend -
The Chubby Charmer bag and the yarn for the shawl (remember the shawl I plan to take on my trip to keep me warm?Well, it's currently 80+ degrees there now and I've been knitting like a maniac to get it finished?) This shawl is going on the trip .....I've made myself nearly blind from eye strain trying to knit on size 2 needles BLACK & GREY yarn, so this baby is going to be in the suitcase - airplanes are cold right??? If all else fails, I've heard it's cold up there on the volcano.....that would be a sight, my shawl blowing in the cold wind in the ash of a volcano. It's the right color for volcano ash.
The sewing project (note the yellowing color of my sewing machine???? We're talking old machinery here readers)
I've had this project sitting on the dining table.....for days......did I say days? It's closer to weeks now, anyway, I've been secretly hoping for some magical intervention and I'll come out one morning and find the project completed and waiting for me with a note attached "from your sewing fairy".

Since we all know this will never be the case,  I'll take another pass at it with the seam ripper. I knew back in my Eighth Grade Home Economics class that a sewing machine and I were not a match. Come to think of it.....I think this is the same sewing machine I used from that class.

I didn't find any homemade soaps from the Farmer's Market so I'll have to change to "Plan B".
I'll post the washcloths I've made and the spa gifts I have in mind.
I gave one of the washcloths away to a friend of "Hawaiian Bag" and asked her to use/wash/machine dry/give a dog a bath with it/use it on the car/wash the kitchen floor and let me know how the fiber holds up. If it's a loser I don't want to spend anymore time making them. If it's a "thumbs up" I'll share the pattern and yarn I've been using.

It's an easy peasy beginner pattern, affordable yarn...perfect for someone looking to make some homemade gifts.
If you're one of these overly talented types homemade soaps would be a perfect addition - I'll be shopping for soaps as "overly talented" is not used in the same sentence while describing Lap Dog - I'm SO okay with that:) 

See you soon...wish me luck with the Chubby Charmer, I know it's not brain surgery I'm doing here - I'm just trying to sew blocks together with perfect corners.

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