Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Ummm.... Waiting For Grilled Cheese n Tomatoes

I've started  my days this week with a bit of chocolate.....two candy M & M's to be exact
A sweet treat  "is a good thing" to quote Martha Stewart.

The daily walking - it makes my legs hurt.......I suppose that's a good thing too?

What's on the needles? - I've cast on to make this....

So far I have this......
You know what I'll be feverishly working on tonight and every night until it's done......wait baby until I've mailed it!!!!!

I open my side door to discover this......

My tomatoes.....so far, so good.

Man In Black is the one with the "green thumb" at our house and all the credit on the pretty roses, the lovely garden shed, the nicely mowed lawn - ALL goes to him.

I did catch him picking off lower leaves and addressing a pest infestation in my garden that was beginning on one plant -
I've been given a small area "designated" as my growing space. MIB likes his yard orderly and I do admit I tend to let things grow wild, untrimmed, and natural.
That's why my space is at the side door next to the dryer vent - not the most scenic of locations.

Only the neighborhood cats, that sit just outside the property line but close enough to drive my dogs crazy with anticipation of a good chase, see my potted plants.
I'm completely enjoying my little space and think of it as my "secret garden". Five pots is just the right size for me to maintain - enough to tend and not too much to overwhelm.

Man In Black has several tomato plants growing along with peppers, cucumbers, squash and herbs.
All the beds are decorated with bird feeders, gnomes, sticks or rocks, and weed free. He's planted a fun wheelbarrow that even the neighbor's cat can't seem to stay out of.
I'm grateful he takes a peek now and then to assure my garden will be a success.
If it fails - I'd expect him to attach one of his tomatoes to a wilted plant of mine and say "look, you did grow a nice tomato, see?" He's that kinda guy.

How's Spring going in your yard?
It's a great time of year.....everything is ahead with promise and renewal.  Wishing you a wonderful day.....


opportunityknits said...

Your tomatoes have grown so quickly! Keep up the good work, MIB :)
That yarn for the baby knitting looks so soft.

Prairie Rose said...

So very jealous of your tomatos.
We cant plant yet since its still getting down in the twenties at night.
But, maybe within the next couple of weeks...
Cant wait to see the finished baby project!!