Thursday, April 7, 2011

Market Bag Pack'n

 Here's one of my w.i.p's....
hopefully one day a nice large
wrap to keep warm while at the movies....or on the sofa, or in the car while Man In Black takes us on a road trip...
I'm off to the desert with my knitting bag tucked safely (and fully packed) beside me with Lap Dog.
I'm on the "short" side so I've got lots of leg room in the front seat but by the time I've stuffed my hand sewn market bags (from A View From A Brown Dog blogger!!) I've got space for one shoe and the other leg bent with my toe pointed ballerina style. I could put most of this in the back seat since there's plenty of space (except for the designated pillowed space for my other pet Gina) but one never knows what you may need while speeding along at 70+  miles an hour and Man In Black takes exception if I ask to pull over so I can find my size 4 circulars.....I'd have to wait until the potty stop for the dogs or hope we'd be taking a right turn at the In n Out Burger cafe in Hesperia. In my younger day I would have climbed over the seat while the car was flying down the road but these days I don't trust the driving abilities of some drivers behind the wheel  I see talking/texting/applying makeup/eating/map reading/GPS searching/radio channel surfing, all while their hands or one finger or their knee are on the wheel.  I stay put with the seat belt firmly locked.

So, I've got my three bags full - one with dish clothes (great for mindless knitting). The other holds baby w.i.p's and the third my slouchy that needs some adjustment on the sewing of the sleeves. Lap Dog never sleeps and her traveling position is wedged in the bottom corner where the seat belt locks so for most of the drive she's covered in yarn as I knit along and she seems quiet content.
Gina rides in the back being "monitor" of the food boxes and her leash. I've never seen a dog more possessive of her leash - she growled once at another dog who was sitting on a beach towel that was covering her leash - once the leash was moved and she carried it away in her mouth she was a happy camper.

So, what will you be seeing after my weekend of knitting??? A new baby sweater - it will be hanging on this....

A friend gave this to me - she knew I was looking for something to hang baby items and she surprised me with this!!

Here's what I picked up in Los Angeles a few days back....
future yellow baby sweater
a future little girl dress
a pair of gloves for me
a shawl for me
another shawl for there a pattern starting here? Me...Me...Me....?

Have a great weekend - thank you for stopping by my little space and sharing your time.
You inspire frustrate keep me you didn't know you did all that did you?
See you Sunday with my new blue/yellow/white baby sweater - my favorite part is selecting the buttons!!!!

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