Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I left town with great expectations......
The weekend also included the unexpected.

A wonderful thunderstorm - the "City Slicker" dogs were sporting their winter attire.

The baby sweater is now complete (still in progress in the photo, no sleeves yet) and now in the blocking stage.....

Newborn sized baby hats.........I think newborn size?
I haven't seen a newborn for so long now I'm considering going to a toy store and discreetly trying them on a Madam Alexander baby doll. Do they still make those??? What about a foam ball from a craft store, would that work? Do you have something special you use or do you make a fist in place of a small head like I do and kinda wing it?

I'm enjoying reading everyones' blog - looks like Spring is arriving everywhere and you all seem to be loving each and every moment. I'm seeing some wonderful gardens, quilts in the making, flowers and excitement of what's yet to come.......so, this leads me to a question for you clothesline using individuals out there.

I want a clothesline again in my backyard, but here's the dilemma.
My yard is not large, it has lots of plant material and trees with excessive bird activity.
Hence the problem - birds and clotheslines and the little souvenirs they leave behind.
I have this picture in my mind of fresh smelling sheets flapping in the wind drying in the California sunshine only to be retrieved decorated with droppings from the abundant feathered friends that share my yard. I do have space on the side yard but selling this idea to Man In Black may be a hard sale.

I have birds in the side yard too - they just seem to be happier and more prevalent in the backyard.
For those of you reading this and wondering "what is she talking about? doesn't everyone use a clothesline?"
Here's a California fact:
With all the wonderful year round sunshine we enjoy living here - we use dryers inside our homes. Sad, but true.

See you soon - the buttons are going on the baby sweater and I'm going to the garage to find my childhood dolls I saw on anothers' blog......I loved them more than forty years ago - I still love them, that's why they've never left - only moved to a special box because I couldn't truly part with them.

Here's wishing you a bloomin' good day....


opportunityknits said...

The baby cardi looks so cute. I have a newborn nephew and he's tiny :) I've forgotten how tiny they can be.

Prairie Rose said...

What a beautiful flower!
We are starting to get some flower bulbs peeking up here.
Your doggies are so cute in their little sweaters!
Have a great day!

a view from a brown dog said...

You guys made it out to the river and it rained on you? The dogs looks great sporting their sweaters, seriously cute! Love your pics looking good sister. Lets try to meet up soon maybe at the market thurs?