Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ummm...fairy pot?

I thought you might enjoy seeing the Hawaiian Bag's backyard.....she's a little Mother Nature.

Mother of five children (including twins) I figure she's a natural at a few things......

we had a good time  - doesn't she have a pretty backyard?

Remember I said she paints (so does her Mother and I think that's where the talent comes from).....
check out the stools in her kitchen.....

even the back wall isn't safe from her paint brush......

this is the Lazy Susan I was telling you about - she's going to paint one for me:)

isn't that a great gift idea??? Ikea sells these wooden Lazy Susans' and it has endless possibilities as to what scenes you can paint on fun to have one on your patio table during the summer while entertaining.
Or for a nursery to hold baby toiletries......or with geraniums painted on the edges holding pots in the center?   What ideas do you have to paint on one?

After seeing her yard I've added yet another thing to my list of "to do's" (as if this out of control list isnt' long enough without adding ONE more thing!!!)

I think I'd enjoy a fairy will go along side my tomato patio garden - I'll post pictures of the completed garden w/fairies soon.....let's change that to a Fairy Pot....a large pot.  Anything other than a pot has a good chance of neglect from my limited amount of time these days.
Here's a couple of new baby sweaters (given to me as a gift for our first grandchild - if it's a boy than we'll have to put these in storage and see what the stork brings next time) and the name of the pattern......I'm off to the farmers market to look for soap, then I'll tell you what I've got planned to do with it and the stash busting knitting I've been doing on my next entry:)
I was told this pattern is a free download from Raverly.......Autumn Leaves Baby Sweater

Have a wonderful day (or night) depending on where you live -
See you soon - where does one buy fairies?.....Ummmmm...


opportunityknits said...

Your friend is really artistic. Love that back wall, there are so many details, the lighthouse, flag, houses on the island. Must be so fun to sit there and enjoy that picture.
That fairy on the pot has the most endearing look. Good luck on hunting down your fairies!
And those baby cardis are just darling ... the little pink and green bits look almost like embroidered flowers.

Kara said...

Gardens totally intimidate me. So wow!

Those sweaters are sure cute!

a view from a brown dog said...

OMgosh i love this yard! Your buddy seems to be incredibly talented and i love the crafty creative stools in her kitchen.