Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Can You Say Sale?

I'm on my way to watch American Idol with the Lost Hawaiian Bag Knitter tonight....we're going to drink a cocktail and judge the singers, keep in mind neither of us sings a note but we never hold back on our judging.
I like to watch Steven Tyler (the feather in his hair intrigues me), I'm thinking I need one of those in my hair for the summer. Most of the time my hair looks like birds are living in it anyway and I like the funky look. I think the window of time is closing in on my age that I can get away with wearing a feather in my hair - I'm giving it some thought.....

The local quilt/yarn shop where our Wednesday afternoon lunch with my fellow knitters meet weekly is going out of business......everything is on don't sew but who can pass on something 50% off?

I bought fabric my blogger buddies....fat quarters....who can pass up a fat quarter that 50% off?
I'd buy a fat quarter just because I think the name is clever....charms....charm all looked good.

So what did I walk out with? A Christmas charm pack, fat quarters for pillows, fat quarters for bibs, fat quarters for a bag, fat quarters for Easter.....the bolts of fabric were beyond my sewing ability as what to do with that amount of fabric, but I'm jumping into this hobby with my chubby legs and buying fat quarters.
I thought it sounded like we belong together.

My fabric and I are out the door to the Hawaiian Bag (she's lost & found something again this week that involved three department stores and a parking lot).....I think she sews, maybe? I know she paints, so I'm also taking over my wooden Lazy Susan - she paints the cutest pictures on them.
See you tomorrow - pictures to follow    

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opportunityknits said...

Fat quarters and charm packs on sale? Who can resist :)