Sunday, May 1, 2011

Chubby Delight.....

Remember the Chubby Charmer bag I had planned to sew in March?......Then April came and went, and the bag was still sitting there ......

Secretly in my mind, I started to refer to the project as my "wondering bag" as in.... "I wonder if I'll get it finished?"

Friday night started off with Man In Black taking us out for a cone.....he's an ice cream snob and only eats Thrify's ice cream......I'm beginning to think he's right after more than a few duds from Baskin Robbins.

Chocolate Brownie - so much better than that cinnamon sugary crunch with dye red #3 Baskin Robbins was scooping out as their Flavor of the Month. I do have my fingers and toes crossed they'll have a tasty flavor for the month of May....
I guess we'll just gather the gang together and we'll go for a scoop in the next week  Something with berries would be nice:)

Saturday was a success for the fairy garden construction.....who knew the $. 99 cent store would have little houses and pebbles?
 I'll be going back for more pebbles.....
They didn't have any fairies:(
 Those lil' rascals are hard to find.
After walking out of the $.99 we noticed a crowd in the parking lot.
Here's what everyone was coming to check out......I've heard these are rated #1 on the public's burger survey.
Just opened for only 12 hours the public was lined out the door to give them a try.....Five Guys are new to California and hoping to give In n Out Burgers a run for their money - they're #2 in the survey.
It must have been a good burger because Man In Black and I polished them off AND the bag of fries in a jiffy.....
They have a great hamburger - but my vote goes to In n Out Burgers (maybe I'm loyal because they started here in California) you have a favorite between the two?

Okay, now for the exciting part of the blog.......BIG NEWS HERE!!!

Drum roll please..........drumming,....drumming.....I finished the bag,,,,,,cheers, hip hip hurray!!! For someone who doesn't sew this is HUGE!!!

I'm posting both sides so you can see all the colors...AND..... it has TWO POCKETS INSIDE 

 I love everything about it, everything.....mostly that I did it all by myself.
 The size is perfect.....lots of room for lots of projects.....maybe I'll even put Annie inside for a ride on my arm.. I haven't sewn anything for years and I won't confess how many times I had to rip out stitches, but in the end.....I'm really happy with the results.
Question for my loved ones too far away for my arms to reach you all in great BIG this what you want to find in the suitcase?

I have several pictures to post of my finished projects but I'm going to wait until during the week. Right now I'm going to head out the door for a late afternoon bike ride.....thanks for stopping by Lap Dog and sharing a bit of your day with me.
See you soon...Happy get the idea, have a great week everyone!!!!!


opportunityknits said...

Thast's a fantastic bag! LOVE the colours. And how the squares are so perfect! Sewing for me is also a lot of ripping out stitches too :)
Your fairy garden is growing so nicely.
There used to be a house near us that had a charming railway village with trains that ran and even a cable car rail in the front yard. Once when my kids and I walked past, the gentleman who owned the house turned everything on for us to enjoy! Sadly he has moved out :(

lily said...

Beautiful bag, fantastic colours.......yummy icecream.

wagwinggarden said...

I agree with MIB...thrifty ice cream rules!!! the bag is wonderful...yes it is bright and you can stuff alot in it...think Cali would fit? have to come and check out the fairy garden...