Friday, April 29, 2011

I've heard of cone head - tube head?

What have I been doing since we last visited?

Michaels Craft Store is discounting most of their yarns in preparation of new colors for the coming summer...
so I picked this little pile up for $1.99/ea. and plan to make a summer throw blanket for the desert trailer. In the hot summer sun out there when you've spent the day in the roasting heat and you're sunburned, inside the trailer at night with the air conditioner running (because it's still 90 degrees outside at midnight)  I'm often chilled. I thought these were nice summer colors.  Check it out if you have a Michaels in your town.

I couldn't let the month pass without going to Baskin Robbin's for the "Flavor of the Month".....

It was not good - not at all ....not even close to being something I would ever eat again.
But, this is the point of trying the flavors of the month - variety in life...
I've almost completed 12 months of different flavors and I've been giving some thought if I would continue with this monthly sampling.

The "Hawaiian Bag" is all gung ho with the other idea I'm pondering.....a new cocktail each month.
I love a good martini and there are certainly enough varieties to have a different one for each month of the year.
So.....I think I've just made the choice....I have to say, the percentage of Flavor of the Months that I can say I've enjoyed is about 25%.....we're talking ice cream!!!
How could I have only enjoyed 25% of the flavors? Maybe if I were 10 years old or younger this percentage would be higher, but cinnamon candy crunch, bubble gum, blue ribbon birthday cake that turned my lips and tongue the color of Tidy Bowl Bathroom Cleaner hasn't been the pleasure I thought ice cream would bring.

Time to change the ingredients and go with ice cubes instead and something more enjoyable to someone over the age of 45 years (or 25 yrs.) ....."Hawaiian Bag" said she's "in" and told me to let her know when the monthly martini begins.

One bootie is almost's the hat.....
The pattern is knit straight across and then gathered at the top with a seam in the back.....I don't know what your babies heads looked like but I'm fairly certain my children didn't have heads shaped like a tube.
I'm not pleased with the outcome and I still have to sew on the little you think blocking it will help shape the hat?

It's pretty small so I expect the little youngster won't be wearing this for more that a single day or looks like something destined to be placed between glass in a frame as a keepsake.....years from now the little tike will ask "was my head really shaped like that?"                             
"Yes dear, you had a tube head"..........:)

Have a great  Saturday - I'll be back with the finished booties, maybe those will be tube socks?

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Prairie Rose said...

You have me laughing with the "tube head" story.
I certainly think that I like the idea of a Martini flavor a month!
You will have to try the Earl Grey 'Tini at some point in the year;)
You have a great weekend, Friend!