Monday, May 23, 2011

Do You Know Where Your's Are??

The rain continues but hardly dampens the adventure......unless you've left your house keys inside the house and everyone (including baby Z) are standing outside staring at the locked door......
Add to that picture the fact that the cell phone was along side the keys on the table with every possible phone number of anybody to call.....don't stop there with the imagination....add the fact that everyone was contained inside the villa property because the gate entrance and pass through gate are also locked.

- the girls are olives lovers

 That's when you really begin to be grateful for good neighbors.....especially those that don't speak much English but are aware that there's something wrong in paradise when four adults are wandering around the property in the rain. They came to the rescue BIG TIME and jumped into their car to drive over to the parents of the landlord to track down a key.  We didn't have to wait long and our rescuer arrived at the gate.....soon we were on the road for a trip to the laundry mat and banking. All ended well and the neighbors will be receiving a batch of American made home baked cookies and a bottle of Whiskey ( Son suggested the Whiskey due to the fact it's super expensive here and he has access to a better deal). So, many of you may prefer to go out to eat (we will be doing that too) but I love to cook and to have a kitchen in Italy with a pool and roses and sweet Italian neighbors, a bottle of wine and a fist full of basil is my idea of heaven.....Baby Z still the perfect baby..... (Grandpa is having his bonding time and I know how much he endured to be here to enjoy this period of time in our life and I won't take one moment of that away) so....I cook. It's raining so in between the drops I took these pics....hope you enjoy...have a great day, Life Is Good.


Spare Parts and Pics said...

Beautiful pics! Looks like a wonderful area, and glad the locked key fiasco turned out OK! Somewhere on Flickr there is a group dedicated to door photos, and you've got a couple great ones there! I also like the turquoise cart (at least I think it's a cart). Thanks for the frequent posts!

Prairie Rose said...

I can not express how jealous of you I am right now!
How nice for sweet neighbors and what a wonderful place to cook.

a view from a brown dog said...

Oh Kyle these pictures are awesome! I am so happy to hear the lock out ended well, makes for a good adventure story anyways >.< haha. I too love your idea of cooking in that kitchen and i spied the basil and some other yummies too. Enjoy and please keep posting love it alot. If you get time check out my blog, big updates going on over here too.