Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!!!!

The weekend's here' many things to do......all of it fun!!

Visiting with family coming to enjoy Disneyland, shopping for our upcoming trip, sending off packages to loved ones far away, baking a new recipe that sounds like lemony heaven (oh ya, you'll be getting the recipe!!!!) and spending Mother's Day with  Mom.

So how'd lunch go with the birthday girl???
We started with this for lunch.......

the food here's really good - for me, it's all about how it looks, they say we eat with our eyes.....I know, it looks a bit messy but it tasted REALLY good:)
Next time I'm ordering what she did - spicy chicken sandwich with sweet potato fries.....yum!

The Yard House if you have one in your neighorborhood....

I knew her day would include a new pair of shoes......super cute, you know what else I like about her shoes?
We wear the same size:)

One of the makeup stores gives out little birthday gifts, I love that!!!!  Her shopping was a success -  nothing worse than cash in your wallet and going to mall unable to find anything you like. 

I've cast on a market this case, a baby colored market bag.
I thought the new parents could use it in the diaper bag or car to hold dirty little clothes, burp clothes, blankies, and then the whole thing goes right into the wash - market bag and all.
I'm trying to be a practical clever kinda grandma...I'm also waiting to hear back if I can post her picture.......I know you'll agree - she's a cutie. Here's wishing to a VERY new mom - Happy Mother's Day Leah!!! Enjoy your day:)

A special message:
To all those women who love children, dogs, cats, chickens, ferrets, anything with a heartbeat that makes your own heart skip a beat - a very HAPPY MOTHERS DAY.....there's a mother in all of us, it doesn't only fall to those that "mother" the human heatbeats....have a really wonderful day!   

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Prairie Rose said...

Thank you so much for your special message.
It means a lot to me.