Monday, May 9, 2011

Toes in the sand....

There's always been this thought with me living in California.......I like living on the edge.
I like walking into the water of the Pacific Ocean and knowing that behind me is the entire country and in front of me the expanse of the Pacific Ocean. Weird, I know. It's just something I've always thought about living here

Well, I witnessed new little feet doing the same thing.....walking into the water with the Pacific in front, the expanse of the country behind her.

I also witnessed this, the one on the right soaked the bottom of her dress and was dragging 20 pounds of sand under all that satin and lace, the one on the left didn't fit in her dress, the back's wide open - not sure what these ladies were doing other than taking silly pictures and trashing their wedding gowns......whatever floats your boat ladies.

I finished the baby colored market bag....

Not sure what the new parents will do with it but babies always have a need for something along the way. I thought this might be handy for dirty clothes or toys or items while traveling for a day trip. (I know they make diaper bags for these same things but Grandma's bag is knit with love).
They're clever parents - they'll come up with something to use it for.
Holly Mole, that sounds odd....Grandma? I'm going to check how they say Grandma in Sweden...I'm sure it's something prettier than GRANDMA....Am I Swedish?... no,..... but I'd pick the Swedish name for grandma if it's sounding better.

market shopping included pears,
how pretty they must look when on the tree!!!
they remind me of gems.

Baked some cookies for my you Mom.
Added some more fairies and friends to the garden (gift from the girl with the new shoes)
and ....

had dinner with a view for Mother's Day dinner......

John Dory.....lemon butter with macadamia crust
it was delicious

Lamb shank.....
not eaten by me....I'd never eat a sheep 

This was my second choice.....
glazed salmon   
 It was a "good day" - hope you enjoyed the same.

See you soon - I have to head back to the oven to finish that "lemony slice of heaven" I was telling you about.
Recipe and pictures....and plates...... to follow. You'll need several hours to make this pie but I've been told it's well
worth it!!  Thanks for stopping by, always appreciate it!!!

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