Monday, June 27, 2011

Itchy...Now I Know Why Nobody Sat Here....

this is a well
known tag in the
graffiti world
I don't know 'bout you but my legs have had about enough of these weeds and tall grass....let's go.

We have a couple of interesting doors, now it's back to the States to my front porch...

Squish up a pillow and get comfortable. No weeds here, but I can't say you won't get a few dog hairs on your clothes.

The lemon/dill chicken will be a do-over, I got the recipe from the blog Savory Sweet
Life (l need to find the exact link...I'll post it tomorrow)).
Remember I said I was working on a "weekend project"?  I took an old barrel, water pump, lined the barrel with a tarp (Man In Black let me use his electric stapler - love those tools with a bit of punch to them) and filled with took about an hour - still looking for some water plants to add, until then, the toys have the pool to themselves!!!!

The Results: success - no leaks

I thought since 6:00 am. is a bit early to come visit I'd take a few pics of what I see early in the morn'n at's peaceful....birds....sounds of splashing water, it's my favorite time of day. Feel free to come over early - I'm alway up and around, I'm one of those who doesn't sleep past 5:30 a.m....up with the sun.
Three's company...
A special find for my potted patio

It's during these times that I usually ponder my next project (which usually requires Man In Black)
It includes paint, wood, shelves, sign, chicken wire - no, not an outside kitchen - it's finally going to get the makeover it's needed for years.
The doors are coming off the top cabinets....replaced with chicken wire (Man In Black hasn't jumped on the train in agreement with that idea yet - he will, I'll just have to slow the train a bit for him to catch up) at a grocery store...all open and orderly stacked.
New paint color on the walls, new sink, new countertop, he added the idea of a bottom curtain instead of doors for one location - see, he's catching up..
I want to walk up to a wall full of shelves with jars, boxes, and spices and shop like I'm at the market...all orderly and neat instead of the cluttered mess I've got going on now in the cabinets. The paint colors haven't been chosen will be a work in progress for quite awhile since I need to fit in time for summer trips to the lake...not to mention figuring out how this new grand plan I'm dreaming of is supposed to be paid for. It's such a bother when money has to figure into daydreams....I'll keep you in the loop as it comes together and you can see my master plan,
First step: paint chips...those are the right price - free.
The day dream continues....

Anyway, here's one of the new blogs I've been visiting lately - new to me that is...maybe you've already checked it out?

If not, I've enjoyed cooking a few of the recipes, writings, pictures, & inspirations...thought you might like to take a look too. There's another one but I need to find the link address...hopefully tomorrow. It was a blog I found through "Charm"...I have no doubt you'll find several blogs that will hit home with many great talented people out there!! Thanks for blogging, you bring treasures into my life.

Have a great day, flavor of the month tomorrow...Chocolate Toffee & much fun to end my day with an ice cream cone...
I'm saying "no" to peas on my plate and going straight to dessert.

Did I tell you we've start Martini Mondays?....The restaurant was so dark you can hardly see the martini glasses so next time I'll have to use a different setting on the piano teacher wants in on this activity too.
She's never had a martini before - she's thinking she should, what'da think?
She said I do fun ice cream cone and a martini? It's just taking time to enjoy the small stuff.

Check out the s'mores martini on Inspired By Charm...I think we may have to blend up that little treat in the future. First I need to find a Girl Scout....."oh Girl Scout Brownie girl...I need a box of your cookies for my martini"... I seriously think Michael could be my new best far is PA. from CA?
Umm...that far huh?


Prairie Rose said...

I am so loving these door pics, Kyle!
I am also very excited about Martini Mondays;)
head back to my blog, I tried to answer some of your questions on baling hay:)
Have a great day!

a view from a brown dog said...

Your back yard is looking so pretty! Have you checked out the flickr group for doors? These would all be fantastic to share there.