Wednesday, June 29, 2011

32 x 365....

I'm so ready for the holiday weekend to's always a special one for Man In Black and I.
The 4th is our wedding anniversary...I thought it would be fun to have fireworks on the day we were married so many many many years ago we flew to Hawaii and were married in a tiny grass shack. Our witnesses were a couple of actors/musicians who were filming the television show Fantasy Island in the same location as our little hut. They played the Hawaiian wedding song on a ukulele and less than 10 minutes later we were hitched.

It's lasted 32 years....and still going.

A couple of different addresses later, two children, seven dogs, two cats, one bird, nine cars, one motorcycle, and one beautiful new granddaughter doesn't seem like thirty two years....maybe more like 25. It feels like time is going quicker these days....the sand in the hour glass is running faster and that bothers me. Maybe that's a good thing - it's causing us to do the activities we want sooner instead of saying "we'll have to plan on doing that someday".

We don't have any special activity planned for the 4th...the trip to Sicily was special enough to cover just about every holiday on the calendar for the rest of the year. Our niece will be celebrating her birthday on Monday too and I'm sure we'll do some kind of outdoor activity that will included some stars n stripes.

I've seen several new flags placed on neighborhood homes lately, I like that.
Why do we only put them out on the 4th of July?
Better question is why do they keep them up when they are faded and torn?
Our flag is flying, crisp, clean, lit in the will remain there until it's worn and then removed.

To Those Serving:
Thank you for working each day to protect that flag and all it represents....I saw you stop your conversation as you walked by the flag pole to salute and honor the flag that day on didn't go unnoticed. Nobody was around, you could have kept walking and didn't see me....but I saw made me grateful there are people like you in the world.

On your way home today - take the time to buy a flag, hang it up, there are people out there in the world doing a great service on your behalf.


Prairie Rose said...

Happy Anniversary!!
Wow, well, Manly and I have 30 more years to go to make it where you two are.
I hope your weekend is lovely!
I love what you said about those serving,beautiful.
I agree about flying a flag, also when you purchase one, please get one that is Made in America.......

Prairie Rose said...

That is so sweet that Man in Black knew exactly how many years you have been married, and I am sure he has enjoyed every one of those years Kyle!
I answered more hay questions on my post so head back over there to read it when you get a minute.
Manly is home and is just plain pooped, he will be heading off to bed soon, so he can get up early and work in our bean field.