Friday, June 10, 2011

Super Shuttle - Super Slow

I'm back on the home was a wonderful trip, exciting, eventful, nice people. I have some wonderful pictures I've not posted yet so I hope you'll stop by again to see's a very beautiful place. I loved spending time with my family and there are really no words to express how much. I had myself a private "pity party" while Man In Black took a trip to the bathroom on the plane and I cried a bit. At the loss I'd have not being with my new grand baby, time away from my son and daughter-in-law. But that's what life is isn't it??? This is their chapter in life for new beginnings, new places to live, building new memories. Man In Black and  I have a life together in California and there are "new memories" for us to plan and achieve together. My daughter-in-law gave me the kindest gift a daughter-in-law could give her mother-in-law,  she asked me to stay and live with them for awhile. To leave my job and stay in Sicily. It could be possible....but it's not what is best for them (great opportunity for me!!). So, I'll look forward to Skype and saving money again until the day we can take another plane trip and all be together.

So, what have you been doing lately???? What are your summer plans? How's the garden looking this year? My tomatoes are a success and it won't be much longer until we'll be picking them.
I'm really looking forward to this summer - I'm going to spend as much time at home as possible at relaxing and enjoying my life at focus will be to stay at home over the weekends instead of the constant running around I feel like I do each and every Saturday and Sunday. Only fun stuff on my weekends now - that's the goal anyway, Have a great day - I'll be back tomorrow with a fist full of photos for you to see of Zoe and more of the trip as the days came to a close in Sicily.
What am I going to eat for dinner tonight???? Man In Black and I are going out for Italian food....lots of Italian food:)

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