Sunday, June 12, 2011

June Showers

It's's raining...sprinkles really instead of true raindrops. I know I should appreciate this weather since many of those folks living elsewhere around the country are filling sandbags to hold back flood water, holding fire hoses to hold back flames, or holding hand fans to cool themselves from record heat.

I don't expect this drizzle to last long - typical weather for June in Southern California from the marine layer out over the ocean - just enough moisture to ruin every rose bush we have.
Mother Nature's way to insure that the rust and black spot has every possible chance to grow and spread,
Oh...... that Mother Nature - she's a frisky gal who likes to give us gardeners a run for our money to make her feel in charge of our success or failures when playing in the soil.
I'm off to visit a new nursery today that has a reputation of spectacular roses and we're going to select a new rose bush to plant for baby Zoe in our yard. The 2012 roses are available along with new 2011 so we'll see what we find and I'll pass it along for those of you who may also have rust black spot covered bouquets blooming in your yard.
The Hawaiian Bag Knitter - she has perfect roses....she's annoying that way. Perfect roses, perfect fairy garden, perfect chocolate covered strawberries......maybe she'll come over to my house and work her magic.

I've been thinking since I got back from Sicily and taking a good look around my house and life in general.
I think vacations sometimes does that to you.....I'm going to make some changes.
I'm going to get rid of some furniture
I'm going to decorate for the 4th of July (starting with buying a new flag for outside)
I'm going to frame photos
I'm going to eat better food
I'm going to spend a lot more time at home in my yard
I'm going to stop thinking all the time.....think,,,think,,,,think,,,,,always thinking, planning, always pondering life living some place other than where I am right now....
I have things to do here:
I have a rose bush to plant for a new grand baby right here in my own backyard.....boy, I'm sounding a bit like Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz - let's move on....

Hope you enjoy a few more pictures.....I'm including the beauty and the reality of Sicily.
Just like us here in the States, traffic, laundry, and trash are all a part of our day.
My heart is held in those two tiny hands....
I was the first person to play "Patty Cake, Patty Cake, Bakers Man" with those hands...
that's a very special memory for me even though she'll never remember it.
Have a great weekend my blogging buddies:)

I've had a bit of trouble getting pictures off the laptop to this, here's what I've done since I started writing Saturday a.m.....I canned some peach jam and made some pickles with onions.
I bought Zoe her rose bush - it's perfect, named Sixteen Candles (no, not a new rose but this one fits better). It's soft, very babyish now, girly girl later when she older, smells heavenly and will be perfect for her....
Zoe, I love you baby - we are giving you your first flowers in life....

I'm working on the pictures...until then - enjoy your work week, here's a flower to begin your're all the best, thanks for checking in!!!


Prairie Rose said...

She is just precious!
Her rose is lovely and I know she will love to visit her very own rose when she is bigger!
And of course,you have more stunning pics that turn my eyes a very unbecoming color of green:)
I know what you mean about traveling, certainly puts some things into prespective.
Have a great day and welcome home, friend!

opportunityknits said...

I have been following your Italian adventures but couldn't comment. Blogger wouldn't let me. Zoe's got beautiful eyes and her own roses!
I'm in California right now, going to Disneyland today! And yay I can comment now!

Lap Dog Knits said...

oh my gosh.....have a great day... i would love to meet you in person while you're here...have a great visit....