Sunday, July 3, 2011

Home of the Free....

Happy 4th Of July Everyone - Here's a bit of red, white, and blue...this was just too cute to pass and not take a picture
I doubt the fire department would approve of the paint job but the location is one that this may slide by with a smile and "I didn't see that, did you?"

Tomorrow is our day -
Happy Anniversary Steve, it feels as if the years are passing too quickly...does that happen when you're really happy? I think it does.

I did a bit of planting today.....two new fairy gardens.
Two more in the works.
It will be fun to see which one Zoe likes the best when she's older. At the rate I'm going I figure I'll have 18 by the time she's three years old....I best slow down.

I joined my brother today for an early morning walk around town to see the sights through the lens....
Here's a few snapshots of my little town in America...

This is a sketch on concrete
 of the Villa Del Sol

Nice Colors

Do You Know The Eagles...
Hotel California??

I've always loved these paintings

Bird's Eye View

Early Morning Exercise

Health Food At It's Best

Liked The Light On In The Window
Reflection Was A Bonus 
Art On The Back Alley

Antique Glass....Modern Day Light Bulbs

Colorful 'n Quiet
My Dream House Would
Include Stained Glass

History Preserved
All Is Well 
Happy 4th of July...


Prairie Rose said...

Thank you for taking us along with you on your walk!
I enjoyed seeing your neighborhood.
I love the hydrant and the fairy gardens are precious, I am sure Zoey will love them all.
Happy 32nd ;) anniversary!
Have a very happy day, friend!

Kara said...

Happy 4th! Your neighborhood looks so fun. And Happy Anniversary! I love that time passes quickly when you are very happy. What a lovely thought.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Great photos, Sis! Had a blast on our photo outing. Thanks for coming up with the idea.

a view from a brown dog said...

Whoo whoo to happiness and anniversaries! That is awesome. I feel like i was with you guys on your walk. Your pictures are wonderful and really captured the area perfectly.

wagwinggarden said...

great pics...our town is really awesome...forget how nostalgic it is til I look at your the fairy/gnome gardens...just the beginning, right?