Thursday, June 30, 2011

12 Things You've Never Wondered About

One dozen things you didn't know about me.....

1. I remember exactly where I was when I learned to ride a bike - my brother was my teacher.

2. Roosters scare me.

3. Clowns don't.

4. I get a suntan super fast.

5. I have no favorite color.

6. I was adopted.

7. I've had two dads - neither were good.

8. I have one brother - he's better than 1 million dads.

9. I like that I have green eyes.

10. #6 bothered me for over 30 years.

11. I've been ice skating once in my life - I never let go of the rail.

12. I've had skin cancer three times because of #4.  

So there you have it....a few facts that are probably of little to no interest.
That's okay, I figure my kids can use this info when they have my 100th birthday party and I'll be too
old to help them out with facts about their ol' Mom.

The knitting? Well, I ripped back almost to the beginning because there was a dropped stitch and I couldn't fix I 've lost interest in it. This seems to be a pattern...not sure exactly what it says about my personality but I'm thinking it's probably not good.

I've been reading lots of blogs lately...are there that many happy perfectly cleaned homes, weed free gardens, babies dressed in handmade clothing, sparkling cleaned windows with pies cooling on the ledge, painted toenails in the summer grass on the edge of colorful quilts, or bedrooms free of piles of laundry, instead dressed with ruffled pillows, pitchers of fresh flowers, a cat curled on the corner of an overstuffed chair with the breeze gently blowing against the open lace covered windows?

If this is in fact your life, please come on over - I'll fix you a chilled martini and I'll wait for you to tell me EXACTLY how you do it. I'll also provide you with a half bent Swifter to lend me a hand while you down that martini because my life is about as far away from that description as possible.

Oh, I've got the cat on the edge of the bed.....she's completely ruined the spread with her claws.
She belongs to the daughter that I'm hoping will meet and marry a farmer....
First, we need to move near a farm.

Enjoy your always, your pictures, stories, and talents inspire me....keep on posting.

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Spare Parts and Pics said...

Well, I think I knew almost all of these 12 things, but I think #8 is about the nicest thing anyone's ever said about me! And totally ashamed I can't recall the exact location of #1?