Friday, July 8, 2011

Summer....Sweet Summer

We took a couple of days off work and headed to our lil' trailer in the dirt....this time of summer it's always hot out there and that's fine by us...what's hot? Well, we rolled in at noon and it was already 108 degrees...but that was okay, when we unlocked the trailer to start bringing in the ice chest it was a cool 105 degrees inside the trailer. We have great neighbors who live next door year round who would be happy to come in and turn on the air conditioner for us but we didn't call ahead this time and opted to jump in swimming suits and head directly to the lake to float while the trailer cooled down.

It's all good...humid, thunder clouds, lightening.......our weather is fairly uneventful most of the year so a "weather advisory of flash floods, hail, high winds" coming across the portable radio gets everyone excited. We sat at the lake for a couple of hours waiting, hoping, something, anything would in fact materialize....nothing. Not a drop, no high hail...just a tease from the radio.

So back to the trailer we went and I fixed a salad and turned on t.v.....we'll take the dogs out later tonight when it's a cool 105 it doesn't cool in the evenings.

I"ll be back tomorrow with some pics...there was a rattlesnake a couple of days ago outside out trailer so perhaps tomorrow we'll "relocate" him if he's seen again...the process of "relocating?"    We call security in the mobile home park and they send them to rattlesnake heaven. This time of year they are very common...just wish they'd stay away from our woodpile or under our trailer.

Hopefully, he's gone down the wash (the last time he was seen moving away from our trailer) and off into the desert to find himself a tasty meal of voles.

For's time to fix a cool cocktail and pick up my knitting and watch "Bones"....see you tomorrow

Guess what....if you leave a bag full of chocolate York peppermint patties inside a truck where the temps exceeded 125 degrees for several hours....and then put them in the refrigerator....they go right back to glad they were still in the wrappers inside a plastic bag in Man In Black's truck...melted chocolate inside "Ruby" would not have  made for a great beginning to a weekend of togetherness. I may have found myself riding home in the bed of the truck with the ice chests.

The pictures aren't uploading tonight...I'll try again in the morning...


Spare Parts and Pics said...

Glad you can post from your place in Havasu... very cool! Looking forward to your pics.

wagwinggarden said...

105degrees? inside? two are out of your mind....sitting in my 75 degree house....ahh!!!!!!!