Monday, July 11, 2011

To Boil & Travel......or Not?

sunlight shines through
the shutters on the left
Let's see....where did we leave off??? I was watching t.v....and the lake. Well, here's what I made this weekend. I'm going to make a lil' matching's a sweet little sweater but too small for Zoe so this will go to a charity.

When we got home today Man In Black went to check the the endless possibilities for these little gifts.

Then the sweet man went inside to make me a huge pitcher of this..

When you've spent a few days in the desert you come home feeling like you could drink the ocean...and no, I couldn't fit one more ice cube in the glass - I tried.

This weekend I also gave a great deal of time thinking about's what's on the menu for the next couple of weeks.

Hot Spiced Boiled Peanuts - Need some help from my blogging buddies on this one = question below
Peach Melba Shortbread Bars
Flavored Butters...Lemon Herb, Blackberry, Walnut Honey
Fresh Corn and Potato Salad w/ avocado - olive oil n cilantro - no mayo dressing in this potato salad!!!
Grilled Cheesy Corn on the Cob....butter, smoked paprika....parmesan cheese....all on the cob - so good.
Asparagus salad w/feta cheese, red onion, mustard olive oil lemon dressing....
Parsley mozzarella salad w/tomatoes, balsamic...olive oil...
Mexican steak salad w/three chile salsa
Santa Fe slaw...cabbage,spinach,tomatoes,corn,chipotle chiles,lime....
Golden Gate Grilled Cheese....parmesan crusted sourdough....turkey,avocado,muenster cheese..
so good..this may be dinner a few times over. 
Fresh corn and avocado salad
Asian peanut slaw w/pork

As I cook them I'll post pictures and recipes...

I have a you know anything about boiled peanuts?
Can I prepare this a couple of days before we're going to eat them or do you have to eat them the same day? Can you microwave them to warm up or does that ruin them? Do you even serve them warm?? The recipe calls to boil for 4 hours and then cool...I don't have a kitchen available on the day we're going to eat them so can I take them up a day or so after I cook them??
Airtight container right??? I've had these once I think......,,years ago.

 If you have the answer please leave me a comment so I'll know if I should spend the time preparing them and then taking them with us on a road trip.
If I've listed a recipe that sounds good and I haven't made it yet leave me a comment and I'll be happy to post the recipe right away - don't you just love the foods of summer??? I'm so grateful Man In Black will eat just about anything which makes cooking that much more enjoyable, between the two of us - I'm the picky one.
Tomorrow's dinner is pizza......yellow tomatoes, red tomatoes, onions,,,peppers...mushrooms, two cheeses....if I could have read the menu in Sicily I would have ordered this or close to it....instead I got Rustico....that's a pizza I'll never evening with my family I'll treasure forever.  

Here's my idea of a good meal...see you tomorrow.

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