Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Copy/Paste/Link/....Point and Click

What was it I said I'd be sharing tonight???? I'll have to go back to "Sizzle" and read what I had written...

Today was warmer,,,,tomorrow....will be warmer still.

I don't really mind, I do better in the heat than the cold....I start to shiver when it's in the 50's.
No kidding, ....which makes me wonder how in the world I'm ever going to one day live in a colder climate that I spend a great deal of time dreaming about.  Where is this colder location??? I have no idea....but I'm very open for suggestions!!!

I'm looking forward to Week 2 on the Sunday Series 52.....the topic this week - mail.

I have several ideas of what to photograph...the final decision will be which photo comes the closest to a nice shot...... I'm more troubled about figuring out the link and copy/paste....last week I totally did it wrong.
I don't really mind because there's "always one" that doesn't get it and I'm okay with being that person....
for one week only that is....
I'm constantly pushing myself to learn....learn.....learn....because if I don't.....the world continues moving forward and I'll be on the side of the road in the dust.
The world won't won't stop progressing, it won't go backwards...

Time to go look for photo possibilities for "mail"....check out and join in the fun....I figure I'm starting at the bottom so I can only get better as the year progresses.
Likescocacola....I'm expecting you buddy to join me something interesting!!

See ya all tomorrow,,,,kitty is meowing louder and louder so that I'll  pay attention to her empty bowl.


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