Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hot, hot, and getting hotter....that's what the t.v.'s too tightly dressed weather "girl" is forecasting for the remainder of the week.

This won't work with my wardrobe....although, today I did wear my skirt to work. It's about the only summery thing in the closet.
I suppose I could wear it every day for the rest of the week...I basically work alone so who would know?

I should be living in a cooler climate...I like the clothes more. And the shoes.....and the jackets....

Since it's warm...I thought I'd post a few more pictures from last weekend....maybe seeing the water will make me feel cooler...is it okay to paint in warm weather???? Let's hope so because I'm breaking out the roller and paint cans on Saturday morning - the kitchen project begins.

Enjoy the pics.....if you're living where you felt the earthquake today back East - what'da think?
It's all part of living here in southern California, probably similar to how you deal with snow and freezing temps. 

Man In Black made the perfect lining for the rusty cart (not the wheelbarrow, the other thing).
He told me to come outside and there he had put a bird, birdhouse, and potted plants on the cart.
He's a handy guy....and he did it before I even asked!!!
I'll post a picture tomorrow....too dark right now....let's hope since the sun went down - so will the temp.


Prairie Rose said...

Yes, we warmed up here as well.
But, I do have autumn, with my cozy socks that I have knit and warm sweaters and snuggly scarves and hats to look forward too;)
Love the water pics!
Awesome way to cool down, friend!
Have a great day:)

Nancy @ A Rural Journal said...

How relaxing. We are enjoying some more warm summer days here in Nebraska, so summer is not over yet. Yay!