Friday, August 19, 2011

Final Fairy......

The fairy gardens are probably getting a bit old.....but here's the one last one I'll post - promise. If "the dutch girl is reading this....don't let Mom see this yet"

My Mom will be celebrating her birthday on Monday - she's a bit hard to buy for, these days she enjoys gift cards and restaurants....I thought this little fairy pot would be a nice reminder of her special day.

We're going out of town again in a few hours....back to the heat.....118 degrees.....
I doubt I'll be doing much knitting - when it's that hot....I'm under water

I see cold drinks and online shopping for kitchen fixtures as my weekend activity.
The kitchen project begins next week....the paint chips have numbers, not names...I'm a bit disappointed.

So; I've made my own names for the colors:

Confederate Grey for the lower cabinets
Marshmallow White for the upper cabinets (hopefully these will have glass doors)
Whipped Mocha for the walls - I'm starting in the area where the Martini Olive Green paint is glowing in the dark.
The countertop is the big question.....
What did the ladies use in the 1800's???
Long ago I read all the Little House On The Prairie books but I have no recollection of Laura ever mentioning Ma's kitchen counter.
I think the selection was, wood, wood, or wood.
Which is my first choice but Man In Black is not on board with the idea.....

Enjoy your weekend, I'm off to get some sun rays, bobbing in the water, and most certainly - knitting another market bag while Man In Black drives. This time the project goes down when the sun sets....unless I can find one of those miner helmets in the next couple of hours - that would be just the ticket.

Have a great weekend friends!!!!


Gwendolyn said...

Happy Birthday to your mother! Have fun cooling off in the water. I just started a scarf last night, crochet instead of knitting. Fall will be here before we know it.

Spare Parts and Pics said...

Great pic of Annie!! Miley would be so jealous!