Saturday, September 10, 2011


I'm posting my "gentle" photos is a recent photo while other was taken in the past few months.

These pictures represent what I consider to be gentle, an elderly man, a newborns hand, I had intented to post a picture of thin blades of grass blowing in the breeze but I can't find where I loaded it...perhaps tomorrow. 
We'll see if others post pictures on their blogs of the "word of the week"....this may go way of the great boiled peanuts experiment.
I sold my antique blanket went to a good home.
It won't be painted....why do people slap paint over original 100 year old stain?
She's promised not to paint it...she had planned to add it "for sale" in her antique shop when she saw it listed on Craig's List..... but when she saw it in person - "it's staying with me" were her words.

After she drove away with her new found treasure....I headed to the front porch to enjoy the cooler evening air, and a bit of knitting, and a bit of wine.

I'm working on this....a new scarf that I have absolutely no need of.
I told Man In Black I'm hoping for a really cold winter this year.....that would mean temperatures in the 50's.   
I've spend a great deal of time the past several months considering making a move out of California in the future....I've changed my mind.
The past years' weather events throughout the country have given me a new found appreciation for my own front yard.  I don't have to drive any further than 1 1/2 hours to reach freezing temps and I can plop on my Noro beanie and hope for a snow flurry or two.

I ended the summer with this......French Toast Ice Cream.....
This was a very maple tasting ice cream with
chunks of french toast....
a bit rich but tasty enough
to eat every single drip. 

Now, it's time to go up in the attic and dust off the plastic pumpkins and Fall leaves....the gourds, corn stalks, scarecrows, decorative pumpkins come a bit later....

We have something new that's arrived the last year or two, and nobody knows why......
we swerve to avoid hitting them....everyone enjoys seeing them.....saddened when one becomes road kill....

Squirrels.....not the grey, large fluffy tailed sort as seen in the Midwest, these are a smaller light tan California version.....when we have lightening bugs it will be just about perfect living here.

Except for those Disneyland fireworks....Mickey Mouse and his cast of characters need to sling shot Tinkerbell off the Matterhorn Mountain more often and lighten up on the pyrotechnics.

I'm roasting tomatoes for the pizza sauce, I'll be back shortly with the recipe.


Spare Parts and Pics said...

Ah, great post. Love the old man and big hand/little hand photos! Great pics for 'gentle'!

Sherri B. said...

Love the photos..I am a real softy for pics of old people.

Mikki said...

You are hilarious! I always try to catch your posts because I look forward to laughing out loud. Particularly humorous in this one was the part about the Disney fireworks and the frigid winter in the 50's ;)

Until next time - take care!

EG Wow said...

Lovely photos representing the word "soft" I very much like the photo of the gentleman sitting outside.

I posted a photo of soft, too/